Odya (2003)

Documentary №62092, 3 parts, duration: 0:26:06
Production: LSDF
Screenwriters:D.Osokin, E.Bartenev
Camera operators:N.Volkov
Sound producer:E.Maliev


We see the village of Komi and listen to the sounds inside her. Motifs and images of culture of Komi people arise before us. Approaching the border of the miraculous, we don't want to break it by any explanation.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Movie №1

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Panorama of the forest.

Stumps from felled trees.

The interior of the hut.

A bucket of water falls from a stool under the washbasin.

Children make a bonfire on the riverbank.

A woman comes out of a dilapidated hut and goes into the field.

A man on a boat is sailing along an overgrown bayou.

Feet stick out of a haystack.

A woman enters the hut.

A woman sits down at a table, reads a book.

There are two more elderly women in the room.

They laugh and say something.

A woman performs some kind of ritual with dried grass.

A woman and a man are sitting on the bed, hugging.

A dog is sitting nearby.

The boy is sitting on the shore, dangling his feet in the water.

A man drags a huge branch across the yard.

A woman draws water from a well.

Children climb the stairs to the porch.

Wooden hut.

Men are having lunch in the hut.

The man takes out a trap hidden in the branches, checks its work.

A man with a braided pestle behind his back is walking through the forest.

A woman is sitting at a table, gluing the pages of a book.

A man from a boat shoots into the water.

Feet stick out of the stack.

Rural store.

Women with large wicker boxes on their backs are walking along the road.

A man and a woman in the forest.

The woman hugged the tree with both hands.

"Fluff" is flying around - seeds of some plants.

A woman is lying in the grass.

Goats on the river bank.

One goat got into a boat that was moored.

A boat with a woman and a goat floats on the river.

A man pulls a cone-shaped net out of the water.

A group of people performs some kind of ritual in the hut.

Women in the forest.

Close-up: hands scoop up the earth, wrap it in a cloth.

A man walks along the riverbank.

Two women are sailing in a boat.

Locations: Komi Republic [747]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Movie №2

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