Volcanoes Call. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Operators: Bgancev I.

Composers: Shnaper B.

Anouncers: Yakovlev U.

Text writers: Gurkov G.


About volcanologists, working in Kamchatka.

Temporary description

Lake in the crater of the volcano Ebeko. Landscape with volcanoes. Volcanology sampled gas. The city of Petropavlovsk. Down the street is Dr. SI Nabokov. See the books at the kiosk. Volcanic station. SI Naboko, her son, Igor and his wife in the laboratory. Scientists raised to Ebeko, take samples of sulfur dioxide. Steaming fumaroles - outputs of volcanic gases. Volcanology at work (synchronously). Scientists in the rubber boat floating on the volcanic lake. Photos Kliuchevskoi eruption of the volcano. SI Nabokov in the cabin of the helicopter flies into the valley of geysers. Landscape Valley of Geysers. Scientists at curing geyser: take pictures, take a water sample. Men bathe in thermal waters. Toeplitz with cucumbers grown in winter in Kamchatka. The city of Petropavlovsk. In the port are about the ship. Volcanology with backpacks around the institute. Scientists raised to Kluchevskoy. They stand at the top of the snow.

Reel №1

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands - a crater lake in the crater, boiling water, steaming fumaroles, volcanic gas outputs - LS., MS.

Volcanologists person - researchers of the Institute of Volcanology Novosibirsk Branch of the USSR, to climb to the crater of the volcano on Kamchatka Avachinsky - CU.

Volcanologists take samples of gas and ash in the crater, go with lighted torches in their hands, sink into the snow - MS., LS.

On the streets of Petropavlovsk is Sophia Ivanovna Naboko, Ph.D., author of dozens of scientific papers, volcanologist - LS. (With motion).

SI Naboko buyers have bookstall - MS., LS. (Summer).

Two b / w photos: Sonia Naboko Komsomol in the laboratory and a group of volcanologists from the crater Klyuchevskoi.

Klyuchevskaya Volcano - LS., MS.

Volcano Base station Klyuchevskoi (PNRM. to lodge - fall).

The laboratory work station SI Naboko son - Igor Menyaylov with his wife - MS., CU.

Brook - CU.

Landscape North Kuriles.

The volcano is Ebeko expedition volcanologists (autumn) - LS., MS.

Mountains, steaming fumaroles - LS.

Volcanologists examined fumaroles sampled brimstone from great depths, the gas sample - different.

Layers of brimstone - CU.

Hand takes a piece of sulfur, writing in a notebook - CU.

Boiling water in small lakes, fumaroles - CU.

Volcanologists investigate bottom oozes hot sulfur lake in the crater of the volcano Ebeko that suddenly went deep into the volcano - LS., MS.

Calm Ebeko - LS.

Original photos of the eruption Klyuchevskoi (color).

Monument on the side of the young Kliuchevskoi Bylinkin volcanologist, who died in a rockfall.

Reel №2

SI sideways in a helicopter cockpit, heading to the Valley of Geysers - CU.

Mountain creek.

The Valley of Geysers - boiling water, steam - different.

Group of volcanologists in the valley of geysers: collecting samples for chemical analysis of water and siliceous sinter - MS., LS.

SI Naboko photographs, holding a rock samples - CU.

Boiling water.

Cracked earth - CU.

Men wiping snow, then jump into the warm lake, swimming (winter).

Toeplitz (near Petropavlovsk) - LS.

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse - CU., LS.

Selling wine in the street Petropavlovsk.

Streets (summer) - LS.

Port, the ships are - LS.

The port plays an orchestra sailors, meeting and seeing fishermen and outgoing, meeting the new arrivals to the city - CU., MS.

Group volcanologists with a backpack leaving the Institute of Volcanology, in a new campaign to volcanoes - LS., MS.

The snow in the mountains moving rover mission is - LS., MS.

The hard climb up the hill, four volcanologists - different.

Volcanologists on a snow-covered Kluchevskoy - LS.

Face - CU.

PNRM. for deposits of brimstone.

Volcano Ebeko - LS.