Silver wings (1967)

Documentary №62336, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:37
Production: LSDF
Camera operators:I.Akmen, G.Afanasjev, G.Holjnij
Sound mixer:N.Zinina


The film tells about the Civil aviation of the USSR, its history and everyday life. The film reflects the latest in 1967-the year the achievements of Aeroflot: new planes and helicopters, airports and terminals, passenger service on the ground and during flight, the use of aircraft in sectors of the economy.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An airport.

Planes are being prepared for the flight.

Sheremetyevo Airport.

The crew of the liner goes to the plane.

The dispatcher announces the landing (synchronously).

Passengers go to the plane, climb the ladder.

The cabin of the plane, passengers sit down..

The plane is on the runway.

The pages of the History of Aeronautics and Aviation in the USSR are flipped through.

Monument to Tsiolkovsky.

Academician Tupolev.

The T-104 plane takes off.

The first Tupolev ANT-1 aircraft(photo).

Models of new passenger aircraft of the Tupolev design.

The plane is in the air.

The instrument panel in the cockpit of the aircraft.

The pilot at the controls of the aircraft.

The flight attendant makes an announcement (synchronously).

Old photos of Nizhny Novgorod.

The old chronicle, people get on a Junkers plane.

The First Moscow Airport Terminal (photo).

City airport terminal in Moscow.

Passengers in the terminal hall.

the hall.

Map of the length of Aeroflot's air lines.

Meals on board the aircraft.

Chronicle:Soviet pilot S. Shestakov flew an ANT-3 plane from Moscow to Tokyo.

Shestakov's meeting.

M. Gromov after the flight (photo).

Meeting of the Soviet pilot in Japan (photo).

M. Gromov (synchronously).

Japanese pilot Abe (photo).

Meeting of M. Gromov and Hiroshi Abe(photo).

Hiroshi Abe at the plane ramp.

Pilots in the cockpit.


Tupolev A.N. - aviakonstruktor, general-polkovnik-inzhener, doktor tehnicheskih nauk. Akademik AN SSSR. Geroj Truda. Trizhdi Geroj Socialisticheskogo Truda. Gromov M.M. -lyotchik i voenachaljnik, general-polkovnik aviacii, sportsmen, professor, Geroj Sovetskogo Soyuza. Zasluzhennij lyotchik SSSR. Hirosi Abe - yaponskij letchik, sovershivshij perelet Tokio-Moskva.

Calendar: 1927

Locations: Moskva

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An airport.

A woman reads a magazine in the waiting room.

The airport restaurant.

Mother and child room.

A small aircraft is flying over the mountains.

Elders on donkeys look at the sky.

The plane lands.

After getting off the plane, one of the passengers sits on a camel.

Flowering fruit trees.

The plane sprays fertilizer.

The cabin of a plane flying to Tokyo.

Flight attendant spills a drink.

The helicopter is in the air.

Geologists at the campfire.

Their landed helicopter unloads the bags.

A forest fire captured from the air.

Firefighters descend from the helicopter.

Forest fire.

Firefighters extinguish the fire.

A helicopter is transporting a support for an oil rig.

Air ambulance aircraft.

A stretcher with a patient is loaded into the plane.

In the cabin of the airliner - sale of souvenirs.

Tokyo from the air.

Tokyo Airport.

Map of the routes of Aeroflot aircraft.

The crew of the plane descends the ramp.

Airport "Vnukovo".

Chronicle: Gagarin goes down the plane ramp.

Photo of A. Nikolaev and G.Popovich.

Photos of astronauts.

Passengers descend the plane's ramp.

The helicopter transports the bus.

IL-62 and TU-134 aircraft.

YAK-40 aircraft.

Calendar: 1961

Locations: Moscow [820] Siberia [926] Tokyo [866]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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