Condition (1989)

Documentary №62363, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:31
Production: LSDF
Camera operators:A.Filippov
Sound mixer:A.Dudarev, A.Yushkovskij


The film is devoted to problems of interethnic relations and self-determination of peoples in the Soviet Union. The situation in Latvia and Abkhazia in the summer of 1989, examines the national problems that the USSR faced before its decay. The film shows two approaches to the problem of self-determination – the path of parliamentary, legal and extremist way.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A large number of people.

People are moving in different directions.

Human legs.

A person moves along the paving stones.

A man unfurls a red banner.

Cable-stayed bridge in Riga.

Meeting of the Latvian Interfronta on the Daugava embankment.

Flags of Soviet Latvia are flying over umbrellas.

The train arrived from Moscow.

Passengers are coming.

A perched pigeon on the cobblestones in the old town.

The artist Irma Skulme goes through the paintings.

The artist collects a collage of scraps of her paintings.

A crowd of people.

The artist's workshop.

Interview with Irma Skulme.

A crowd of people.

Movement of wagons on the railway.

Speech by T.A. Zhdanok at a meeting of the Interfronta of Latvia.

Footage of the rally participants.

Assembly of wagons on the railway.

Continuation of Irma Skulme's interview.

The courtyard of the Skulme house.

The wagons are moving away.

View of St.

Peter's Church In Riga.

Square in the old town.

Interview with the chairman of the Latvian Interfront Anatoly Alekseev.

The work of the Civil Committees of Latvia.

Domskaya Square in Riga.

Key words

civic committees


Skulme Irma,latishskaya hudozhnica deputat Verhovnogo Soveta SSSR. Zhdanok Tatjyana Arkadjevna,chlen Interfronta Latvii, pravozaschitnik.

Locations: Riga [969]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Movement of wagons on the railway.

Russian youth on the square in Riga.

Chronicle of 1940: Demonstration on the streets of Riga.

Journalists are filming the rally.

Rally of the Popular Front of Latvia.

Panorama of the city of Sukhumi.

An elderly woman knits on the balcony.

Panorama of a house in Sukhumi from the courtyard where an Abkhaz activist gives an interview.

Shots with views of the city of Sukhumi.

Street cafe in Sukhumi.

The beach in Sukhumi.

People swim and sunbathe.

Visitors of the summer cafe.

Says a Georgian activist.

Traffic in the city.

There is an armored personnel carrier at the intersection.

Alternating shots with residents of the city of Sukhumi and soldiers on an armored personnel carrier.

A military convoy is traveling through Abkhazia.

Cafe visitors.

A soldier demonstrates hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Interviews with conscripts.

The paratroopers are loaded into the helicopter.

A helicopter is flying over a village in Abkhazia.

Helicopter landing and landing troops unloading.

Inspection by soldiers of cars on the road.

Continuation of the interview with the soldiers.

Key words


Calendar: 1940

Locations: Riga [969] Sukhumi

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Classes of paratroopers in self-defense.

Checking cars on the roads of Abkhazia.

Seized illegal weapons.

Burning ruins of a house.

A column with civilians accompanied by the military.

Burned cars and destroyed houses.

Bullet marks in the police station.

The wounded man gets on the bus.

Large - the face of a child.

A local resident treats soldiers with grapes.

Shooting through the car window.

Panorama of the Dome Square in Riga.

Women in national costumes of the Baltic peoples.

Flowers on the square.

Speech at the rally of the Popular Front of the representative of Georgia.

Rally at the Freedom Monument.

Interview with Dainis Evans.

Russian youth on the Dome Square.


Andrew's flag.

Interview with an Interfronta activist.

Train Riga-Moscow, there are passengers of the train.

Traffic on the railway.

Large - the rails bend when the train is moving.

Coupling of wagons.

Interview with a representative of the Communist Party of Latvia.

View of the entrance to Kronvalda Park.

Fountain at the Opera and Ballet Theater.

View of the Freedom Monument.

The Baltic Way is a human chain between Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.

Continuation of the interview with Irma Skulme.

Latvians sing the anthem of pre-war Latvia.

Paving stones of old Riga.

A crowd of people.

Key words

the Baltic way


Ivans Dajnis, predsedatelj Narodnogo fronta Latvii.

Locations: Riga [969] Abkhazia

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