A Day of Joy. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pchelyakova G.

Script writers: Tarasov S., Shvedova G.

Operators: Zemcov G.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Viktorov V.


The film is about new Soviet Customs and ceremonies.

Temporary description

Ukraine, city Dragobych. My husband wishes his wife with the birth of the child. Parents in honor of the newborn plant trees in the Park youth, "go in the" Palace of Happiness "for registration of the child. Chairman of City Council congratulated Bulba GS-born parents. Latvia. Celebrating the "Day of Youth" in the village of Lielvārde; solemn procession of boys and girls in the day of his age (vosemnadtsatiletiya). Kolkhoz chairman, Hero of Socialist Labor EM Kalinsh congratulates the young people. Girls and boys are photographed on the memory. Leningrad Electrosila. Veteran Labor YA Rublevskij congratulates boys and girls coming to work at the plant, with the entry into the ranks of the working class, working-class presentation of diplomas and badges with the logo of the plant. In response, the young workers in favor of N. Nikareva. Leningrad Palace of marriage. The bride, groom and their guests come to the hall marriage. Newlyweds congratulate an employee of the Palace of marriage, the parents. Wedding in the banquet hall. Registration of marriage registry office in the city of Tartu (Estonia). The orchestra, the chorus sings "velichalnuyu song. Congratulations to the newlyweds. Newly married three times, riding a "Volga" around the fountain. Male shows the ability to cut wood, his wife - sew on buttons.

Reel №1

On the street outside the maternity ward, and are talking with the women being in the hospital to family and friends.

The mother and her husband met a young mother with a newborn daughter.

Nurse sends child's grandmother.

A child in the arms of her grandmother - CU.

The Ukrainian town Dragobyche in "Park youth" planting a tree in honor of the birth of the child to be called by his name.

Are women with children in their arms.

Parents of a newborn out of the car, go up the stairs to the "Palace of Happiness."

Door and sign "Palace of Happiness» - CU.

Chairman of the City Council, GS Bulba congratulate parents of newborns.

Women with children in their arms.

Children poured into "Park youth" trees.

Latvian landscape.

Celebration of the "Day of Youth" (majority) in the Latvian village Lielvarde.

A ceremonial procession of girls and boys from the surrounding villages, which in 1965 was 18 years.

Sitting with flowers adults.

They congratulated the collective farm chairman, Hero of Socialist Labor Martynovich Edgar Kalnins, children, relatives, and acquaintances.

Adult congratulate their parents.

Dancing around the fire.

From the shore to the river throw flowers.

Boys and girls in the boat.

At the Leningrad plant "Electric power" work at the bench boys and a girl - CU., MS.

Holiday of the first day of work at the factory for youth.

In the hall making factory banner.

Sitting young workers and labor veterans - MS., CU.

Youth congratulates veteran labor Julian Adolfovich Rublevsky (synchronously).

Of young workers appears Nadia Nikareva (synchronously).

Young workers working diplomas awarded, the first instruments, badges with the logo of the plant, congratulate them, pioneers presented with flowers.

Reel №2

Leningrad - LS., PNRM., MS.

The dome of St.

Isaac's Cathedral - CU.

In the bridal shop boy tries on clothes, she chooses a white dress, veil, ring.

In the Leningrad Palace wedding bride to the guests in the room for the bride, groom and guests in the room for the groom.

Climb the stairs bride and groom and guests.

The wedding ceremony (synchronously).

Parents and guests congratulate the newlyweds.

The couple and the guests in the ballroom.

The wedding ceremony in the Estonian city of Tartu.

In the hall registrar includes the bride and groom, smartly dressed children throw flowers at their feet.

The orchestra.

Choir of the enterprise in which the couple work, executes Cheering song specially written for the Tartu registrar.

Registry office worker puts young ring and congratulates them.

Relatives and guests congratulate the newlyweds.

The street swing car "Volga" with newlyweds and "Volga" with newlyweds toured three times around the fountain at the Town Hall.

The couple out of the car and show friends and family how they are prepared for everyday business: the groom cuts the wood, the bride to sew buttons, together they zapelenyvayut all the rules of the doll.

Children playing in the sandbox.