When I Came To This Land.. (1966)

Film-document №6271 5 parts, Duration: 0:51:38, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Legat E.

Script writers: Legat E., Nazarov I.

Operators: Legat E., Shmakov N.

Anouncers: Lvov M.


A film about the Russian river Yenisei, about life and work of Siberians.

Reel №1

Boiling water at the spillway of the dam of the Krasnoyarsk HPP - CU.

Rapid course to the Yenisei River rapids - LS.

Taiga landscapes covered with fog - LS.

A young man sitting on the bank of the Yenisei River, plays the guitar and sings the song "When I came to this earth ..." (synchronous) - CU.

High steep rocky banks of the Yenisei - LS., MS.

Krasnoyarsk Pillars - LS.

Drawings of animals on the rocks above the Yenisei - MS.

Yenisei, icy - LS.

Cracked ice on the Yenisei, moves off - MS., CU.

Ice drift on the Yenisei - LS.

Floe to the rapid turn over the Yenisei, find one another, break down.

The operating surgeon Krasnoyarsk hospital YM Lubensky doing heart surgery - MS., CU.

The girl on the operating table - CU.

The heart beats in opening the chest - CU.

Surgeon talks about heart disease (synchronous).

A weaver at work at the machine - CU.

Tuvan folk cherz stonecutters in the workshop examines the stone chosen for the work, processes it, carved stone figure.

Device for spraying metal in laboratory - CU.

A girl at work at the unit.

Krasnoyarsk artist V. Bags in the studio at work - CU.

Flooding from the Yenisei River spilled during spring floods and summer flood of the river in Krasnoyarsk - LS., MS., CU.

Made by ice and water flows and river boat boat overturned, lying on the shore.

Boatman blown ice on the Yenisei - LS., MS.

Explosion: a column of water and ice rises above the river - CU.

They fly low over the river a flock of birds.

Birds flying wedge - MS.

Iskroshenny ice blast comes on the Yenisei - LS.

As air rises bunch balloons with ribbon - CU.

May Day demonstration in Krasnoyarsk - LS., MS., CU.

Krasnoyarsk artist V. Bags, Tuvan folk cherz cutters, captain-coach VA Nekhoroshkov, inventor of the river dump Lukovitsky, Professor JM Lubensky, chief of the construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric Bochkin Captain Kobtsev - collector of songs about heroes Siberia known Khakas pilot Bochagurov etc. - CU.

Cavers in the cave.

Street Krasnoyarsk on a summer day - LS.

Reel №2

Cargo ships on the Yenisei - LS., MS.

Raft River Forest - MS.

Group of young people with a guitar singing around the campfire (synchronously).

Court on the Yenisei evening - LS., MS.

Sunset over the Yenisei - CU. (Summer).

Passenger ship on the Yenisei - LS.

In the shallows of the Yenisei people walk on water - LS.

Resting on the sandy beach of the Yenisei - LS.

On the boat "Nekrasov" says inventor timber-truck Lukovitsky (synchronously).

Timber-truck designed by Lukovitskogo, dumped in the river forest.

Men, boys, girls listen Lukovitskogo - CU.

City Eniseisk - LS., MS.

The streets of the city - MS. (Summer).

Stone wall of the city - MS.

Church in the city - MS.

Warehouse sawmill in

Eniseisk - LS., PNRM.

Mechanized wood processing factory - MS., CU.

Power saws sawn timber - CU.

Packaging of finished products for export - MS., CU.

Containers of wood, made for export - MS.

Port Igarka - LS.

Foreign ship in the port.

Working port cranes.

Union Symposium on magnetic power fields: Symposium opens G. Veysig (synchronously).

Speaking at the symposium, Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics, Krasnoyarsk Lundin (synchronously).

Passengers on the boat reading a book aloud (synchronously).

Symposium participants talking over lunch at a restaurant on the ship "Chkalov" (synchronous).

Continued symposium presentation by Lundin (synchronously).

High-voltage power line Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station in the forest - LS.

Fishermen pulling net on boat: big fish in networks - MS., CU.

Seagull flies low over the water - MS.

A flock of seagulls winds over water - MS.

Reel №3

Cavers are in Biryusinsk cave, examine it.

Stalagmites in a cave of fantastic shapes - MS., CU.

Image of a human face on the wall in the cave - CU.

Water rapid flow out of the cave - MS.

Clouds on the horizon - CU.

Tuvan stonecutter cherz Monguli sits on the bank of the river - MS.

Stone idols in the steppe of Krasnoyarsk - LS., MS.

Obelisk, set in the heart of Asia - CU.

The streets of the city of Kyzyl - MS.

Quay in the city - MS.

Mountains covered with forests - LS., PNRM.

Black clouds over the mountains - MS.

Rafts on the Yenisey (the rain) - MS.

Rain on the river - LS., PNRM.

Convoys going to the tributaries of the Yenisei - LS., MS.

Propelled barge floating on the Stony Tunguska - LS.

Captain-coach VA Nekhoroshkov talks to captain the ship towing the barge during the passage of a large threshold.

Tow boat and self-propelled barge pass through the rapid flow of a large threshold, the waves, turbulent flows in the river.

On the flooded forest clearing deer swims to shore - LS.

The rapid stream in the melting snow in the woods - CU.

Hunters talk around the campfire (synchronously).

Cargo ships with great difficulty overcoming the threshold on the River - Various.

High, steep bank of the river - MS., CU.

Captain VJ dry cargo ship Diurov tells the crew during the passage of the threshold on the River (synchronously).

Sailor measures the depth of the river - MS.

Village on the banks of the taiga river - LS., PNRM.

Manager sends a radio message about the state of the ice on the Yenisei (synchronously).

The ice on the Yenisei near Igarka.

Dancing on the court in the Siberian village - MS., CU.

Hands of old women, folded in her lap, PNRM. with hands on face - CU.

Cherry blossom branches - CU.

Yenisei River - LS., MS., CU.

Flooding in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Yenisei flooded, flooded villages.

People at the boats on the shore.

Residents of villages crossing the streets in boats.

Rescue boat on the swollen river - LS.

Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station dam - LS.

Meeting with head of construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station in the days of the flood on the Yenisei.

Flooding in Krasnoyarsk port - MS., CU.

Crane at work in the port.

Reel №4

Flooded flooding Krasnoyarsk river port: port cranes, machines, loads in the water - LS.

Meeting with head of construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric Bochkin: the meeting are the Bochkin, head of the Yenisei River Shipping IM Nazarov (synchronously).

Loading and unloading in the flooded port - MS., CU.

He said on the methods of unloading ships in port (synchronous).

Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric dam (unfinished) - LS., MS., PNRM.

Flooded streets flood Krasnoyarsk - LS., MS.

Aid for the population of the city during the flood: the transportation of people and their property in a safe place (on the boats and river boats.)

Residents of the city are on the flooded streets.

Normal life in the city, where she reached the water.

People on the streets, the movement of public transport, flower sales - MS., CU.

IM Nazarov on the phone about the difficult situation in some areas of Krasnoyarsk, coastal areas and river Yenisei berths (synchronously).

Rapid flow of water in the streets of the city - different.

Crowded Yenisei - LS.

On the bridge over the river are machines - LS.

On a raft on the swollen river float guys.

During the flood in the Krasnoyarsk plant Sibelectrostal is continuous casting of steel - different.

Department of Krasnoyarsk combine synthetic fibers in the workplace, women at work at the machines - LS., MS., CU.

Residents of the city by boat ferried to safety.

Flooded house.

Cat jumps on a flooded yard - CU.

A woman who moves from the flooded home, holding a kitten.

Father is a boy carrying a toy horse for.

Flooded homes, children's playground in the city - different.

Tent in the mountains, where people settled on the floods in the city.

Taiga landscapes - CU. (Summer).

Fog over the Yenisei.

Fog in the mountains - CU.

Sunset over the Yenisei - MS.

A woman cleans the mushrooms on the lawn - MS.

Mast of high voltage power lines on the bank of the Yenisei - MS.

Court float on the Yenisei in Kazachinsky threshold.

The rapid flow of the river, boats on the river - different.

Tow tuer "Yenisei" conducts boat through the river Bystrica - different.

Passenger ship "Composer Kalinnikov" overcomes the rapid flow of the river - LS., MS.

Self-propelled barge "Chadan" fighting a raging over the Yenisei in the rapids in the Sayan Mountains.

Bochagurov pilot on deck "Chad."

Steep, high bank of the Yenisei River in a large threshold - MS.

Boiling water over a rocky bottom.

The men at work on the "Chadane" while crossing a dangerous place on the Big doorstep.

Yenisei River in the greater threshold - MS., LS.

Hut on the bank of the river, the fire is burning in the windows (evening) - MS.

Reel №5

Rushing water greater than the threshold in the upper Yenisei - MS., CU.

Cargo Ship "Chadan" anchored for the night in the upper reaches of the Yenisei.

Cottage on the bank of the Yenisei, the lighted windows house (night) - CU.

The house captain Kobtsev plays guitar and sings (synchronously).

Bachagurov pilot house and others in the conversation (synchronous)

The moon, lunar path on the river - MS.

The work of the sailors on board the "Chad" while crossing the Big doorstep.

Boiling water in the rapids of the river - MS., CU.

The monument on the bank of the Yenisei, the inscription on the monument: "Here, in the threshold of the Great August 12, 1963 during the survey work was tragically killed student Nina Kurbesova."

Poems dedicated to the memory of Nina, a monument - CU.

The inscriptions on the rocks - CU., MS.

The ship "Chadan" up the river through the Grand threshold with caterpillar - different.

Tractor on the bank of the Yenisei pulling rope attached to the vessel "Chadan» - MS., CU.

Boiling water under the stern of the ship.

"Chadan" with difficulty up the river, breaking the threshold.

Rafts, boats float on various assignments Yenisei.

In a maternity hospital in Dudinka woman gives birth - MS., CU.

The mother and the doctor with a baby in the hospital - MS.

Dudinka - MS.

Reindeer sleigh in the port town - CU.

Stonecutters cherz - CU.

People on the streets of the Siberian village.

Ship on a foggy river - MS.

Engraving artist Meshkov.

Streets Dudinka.

A woman with her husband and baby out of the hospital (winter).

Dudinka, fog (evening) - LS.