Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 540 (1941)

Newsreel №62772, 2 parts, duration: 0:21:24, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Karl Frejman, Viljgeljm Mala, Kurt Mollenhauer i dr

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Hurricane in Minigene.

A strong wind blows, the river bent trees.

Swinging suspension bridge, bend the supports.

Man walking on a wobbly bridge.

The bridge is destroyed, the supports fall into the river.


The funeral of the prefect of police Jean Chappa in Paris.

Jean Clapp - right politician.

He was shot down in the middle East during the flight to Syria, where Petain was appointed by the high Commissioner.

Bust and commemorative plaque of Jean Chiappe, date: 1878-1940. Memorial hall, speech.


Awarding of the French sailors who took part in the battle for Oran on 3 July 1940.

The ceremony takes place aboard a military ship.

Rewarding manufactures Admiral françois Darlan.


Transportation macrophage with the remains of the Duke of Reichstadt, son of Napoleon, from Vienna to Paris on Hitler's orders.

The procession moves through the streets of Vienna, the coffin in ornate hearse.

At the station the sarcophagus was transferred to a car.

Are the generals.

Arrival in Paris at night.

The procession headed by the priests coming down the street.

The sarcophagus bear the French gendarmes.

Among the attendants of Admiral françois Darlan.

The sarcophagus is delivered in a nursing Home.


The city of Lublin, technical exhibition, organized by the vans.

Hanging a swastika flag.

Are German soldiers, view the exhibits of the exhibition.

Warthegau (Poland).

Studies in the first Nazi political-educational house for German children.

The morning guys ran to wash, dress, run out of the building.

Playing sports, running through the snowy woods.

Training Jogging with high obstacles at the stadium.

Training sessions in the classroom.

The guys at the blackboard with the diagram of the battle.

Practical exercises with model guns.

Playing sports in the gym, exercises on the bar, the rope, jumps with flips.


The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the chief of staff of the SA (storm troopers) Victor Lutz.

Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch gives him an ornate dagger in the case.

The celebrant turns to greet staff officers, Reich Minister Richard Walther darré, Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg.

Fit women with flowers.

Lutz congratulates Reich Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels shaking hands with him.

Victor Lutz plays host to Hitler, shakes hands with him first, then his sons and wife.


Winter in Norway, snow is a herd of deer.

German soldiers drove up to ski, agree with Laplanders on catching reindeer with a lasso.

Soldiers talking to two laplandii, laughing.

The soldiers conclude a bargain, pay the money for killed deer, carry carcasses in the unit.

From the barracks to meet their comrades.


The German fleet minesweepers in port.

The commander of the Central forces of the German fleet captain 1-St rank, Commodore Friedrich Ruge out of the car, bypass the sailors.

Captain presents the best sailors badges.

The fleet at sea.

Signalman waving flags.

The sailors on combat watch, reset min to the sea.

Ships painted to camouflage.

In the water fly identification buoys.

Sailors on deck eating out of the pot.

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Reel №2

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Mine, they are shot from the weapon.

Sailors from the engine room to look out of the hatch.

Torpedo boats in the storm, they prey on English ships.


German airfield on the English channel in Northern France.

The pilots in the command center from the map, it points to the objectives of exploration.

They diverge on the machines.

The rate for England.

To the plane of the attached camera.

The cockpit.

The flight over the English channel.

The British ships in the Strait, the view from the air.

The view from the plane to Dover, then Rochester, lime.

Is aerial photography.

Aircraft returned to base.

The device is driven to headquarters, show a film, is dried on the drum, scan.

The map indicates the location of future bombings.

The rise of the German "Junkers", planes in flight, they dive in English harbour Southampton.


Maneuvers Grenadier regiment "Deutschland".

Soldiers ride on maneuvers in the truck.

Artillery fire of the "enemy".

The soldiers jump from the truck, deposited at the curb.

The officer passes the order.

The soldiers in the attack, a soldier with a grenade in his hand, shoot the gunners.

Soldiers in ruins of house in abandoned town, work out in the battle.

Soldier throws a grenade through the window.

Collapsing at home, in flames.

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