Bear Circus.. (1966)

Film-document №6278 3 parts, Duration: 0:28:04, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Vermisheva E.

Operators: Gutman I.

Composers: Zacepin A., Krylatov E.

Anouncers: Gerdt Z.


About Valentine Filatov, a Soviet circus animal tamer.

Temporary description

Bear running through the woods. Lesnik transmits trainer V. Filatov bear. Filatov trainer works with the bears on the arena during a rehearsal. Speech trained bears under the leadership of V. Filatov, the circus program: bears ride bicycles, on a swing, on a motorcycle, by car.

Reel №1

Trapeze artists under the big top.

Trained bear under the big top.

Girl presents flowers V.Filatovu trainer.

Trained bear named "Max" around the cell, goes behind the scenes.

Performance of "Max" in the circus.

Winter forest.

Running in the snow bears, cubs playing.

Forester sends bear trainer V.Filatovu.

At the circus V.Filatov engaged Training Bear - Bear puts on the boards, the bear is on the parallel bars, flips.

Circus workers on the street looking for a "runaway" bear.

Bear rides a scooter, it runs for a worker.

Working ties bear children watch.

V.Filatov teaches bear to ride a bicycle.

At the circus act bears on bicycles.

In the arena stands a trained bear, nicknamed "Maria."

Bears "Max" and "Mary" behind the scenes.

In the arena are the bears "Masha" and "Potap".

Behind the scenes of the bears "Max" and "Potap" wear boxing gloves.

Bears run out to the ring, sit down. V.Filatov checks gloves in "Max."

Bears in the ring during the "battlefield."

Bears sit in timeout.

The arena runs a small bear with a bucket and a towel.

V.Filatov Towel comes to "Potapov."

Laughing girl.

Bears in the ring during the "battlefield." "Potap" running away from the ring. V.Filatov approach to "Max."

Bear runs into the arena with a bouquet of flowers.

Filatov presents "Max" flowers.

V.Filatov with "Potap" during rehearsal.

Filatov assistants hold angered "Potap". "Potap" breaks, fall assistants.

V.Filatova face - close-up.

Filatov and "Potap".

Bear 'Max' and V.Filatov arena.

Reel №2

Various fragments of performances bear "Max" in the circus: a bear dancing, playing the harmonica, washes, driven carriage.

Bears 'sawing' firewood.

Bears ride the carousel, run, ride a slide, swing on the swings.

In the circus are trained V.Filatov bear "Shevat" bear escapes from the arena.

Panorama on V.Filatova.

Bear 'Max' riding arena on a bike.

Teddy bear "Chanukah" learning to ride a scooter.

Bears on the scooter and bicycle at the circus.

Cycle track.

Passing cyclists riding near Bear on a bicycle.

Behind the scenes of the circus bear ready for action - wearing a bear suit.

V.Filatov in the dressing room looking in the mirror, out of the room with the bear.

Bear in the arena 'Max' with trained dog.

Applauds the boy.

Bear up the stairs, to a point, the panorama of Filatov.

Applauding audience.

V.Filatov the arena.

Bear juggling.

To bear "Shevat" backstage wear a helmet, "Chanukah" runs into the arena. V.Filatov gives little bear sugar.

Applauding audience.

Bear "runs" the machine "gasoline", sitting in the car V.Filatov.

Bear "gets" the car, gets in the car.

Passing car with bears.

Neva embankment.

Passing car with bears, bear rides a motorcycle - different plans.


Reel №3

V.Filatov trainer with Bears "Max" and "Chanukah" visiting Pioneers.

Climb the stairs V.Filatov a bear.

In class students are sitting, the panorama of the bear.

Filatov is sitting at the table with the "Max."

Girl puts on the table the globe. "Chanukah" raises his paw up to the board.

Filatov and "Chanukah" are about the alphabet. "Chanukah" juggles, applaud students.

"Chanukah" in the circus performing.

In the arena are the bears on scooters. "Chanukah" fall from the scooter.

In the arena of the aged bear "Max" is a dog. "Max" is falling.

"Max" in the winter woods.

"Max" in the circus.

Trainer V.Filatov rehearsing with the young bears, to the trainer comes "Max."

Filatov and "Chanukah" rehearsal room.

"Max" is Filatov suit.

Filatov and "Max" are behind the scenes.

V.Filatov with "Max" passing on the arena in three.

In the arena are the "Max" and "Chanukah."

Bears ride bicycles on the arena.

Bears in the crib.

Play four cubs.

Bear food.

Teddy bear on the pot.

Bears at the mirror.

V.Filatov and the Bear "Max" for a walk in the park.

V.Filatov with cubs.