Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 580 (1941)

Newsreel №62795, 4 parts, duration: 0:43:36, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Bajer,Bashtanier,Brezelou,Federer,Frid,Grued,P.Haller,Langer,Letch,Shiffelj,Ramborski,Ridelj,Sholjc,Zelle,Fojgt,Viljd,Viljke i dr

Reel №1

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From the series "Pictures of the homeland."


The triumphal column.

The Brandenburg gate, the Quadriga.

Through the Brandenburg gate down the street a military band is marching.

People on the streets.

Soldiers marching down the street.

The streets of Berlin, ride the trams, the cars.

Town hall, equestrian monument to Frederick II, and other attractions.


Hitler youth to harvest potatoes.

Young men and women digging potatoes, are harvested in baskets, spilling into the car.

Unloading car of potatoes in a large city.


Tractor plants in Cologne and Mannheim, producing tractors for agriculture.

A separate manufacturing operation.

Installation tractors.

Ready tractors in the shop and plant in the yard.

The transfer of tractors to the peasants.

The tractor in the field.


Gymnastic school of the Union of German girls /BDM/ in Traunstein.

Raising the flag on the morning line.

Girls run out of the building, perform exercises with hoops and balls.

Folk dances.


Strasbourg, view of the city.

School of fine and applied arts.

Young people from Alsace and Lorraine goes to school.

In the audience.

In drawing lessons, drawing owls.

Students draw from life, sit the model.

Class artistic forging, using a forge.

Class bookbinding.

The production of prints.

Students sketching in the historic town.

Key words

Germany, orchestra, monuments, Church, city transport
Germany, agriculture, youth
Germany, industry, agriculture
Germany, school, women, sports, entertainment
France, educational institutions, professional arts, youth

Reel №2

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The Channel Coast.

In German coastal battery.


The flying British fighters and bombers.

Shoot German guns.

Drop shot down an enemy bomber.

The explosion in the sea.

English burning plane.

The announcer on the success of the German anti-aircraft artillery.

German flying ACE Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Galland out of the plane after landing, he is greeted by comrades.


The formation of the first volunteer regiments in France to fight against Bolshevism.

Legionnaires in the German form.

The Grand building.

Removal of the banner of the Legion.


The Area Of Salla.

Finnish soldiers and convoys are on the road.

Fighting in the area of lake Onega.

Start shelling the Soviet position.

Shooting guns.

Infantry attacks.

Fight in a wooded area.

Infantry moving forward, flamethrowers in action.

The cameraman at work.


The island of Osel /Saaremaa/ captured by the Germans.

The results of the bombing by German aircraft.

The destruction on the island to Kuressaare.

Destroyed Soviet fortifications, destroyed planes, guns, tanks.

Fortress Arnheim.

The funeral of the "victims bolshevizma".

Bodies of dead civilians.

Camp for Soviet prisoners of war on the Ezel.

Typical entities, some clearly of Jewish origin.

Key words

France, world war 2, Royal air force, explosion, artillery
France, the parade, the volunteers, the war world 2
Finland, world war 2, soldiers, weapons, USSR
Estonia, world war 2, destruction, equipment, prisoners, funerals, USSR

Reel №3

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Of the Soviet Union.

In the Leningrad area.

Delivery of goods to the front.

Horse carts on the bumpy road.

The soldiers dragged the bike through the mud.

German artillery battery.

The beginning of the shelling of the city.

Key words

Soviet Union, world war 2, Royal air force, artillery, troops

Reel №4

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Of the Soviet Union.

Tanks,vehicles, infantry follow on the restored bridge.

The Central section of the Eastern front.

The beginning of the German autumn offensive.

On the wall - the appeal of the Fuehrer relative to the beginning 5 Oct 1941, "the last and decisive battle of this year."

Infantry prepares to attack.

Shooting guns.

Generals-field Marshal Fedor von Bock and günther von Kluge visiting positions.

Infantry goes forward.

Soviet prisoners of war.

The captured Soviet trenches, they can see the dead soldiers.

Helping the wounded.

In the attack - part of the Waffen-SS. The Germans go ahead.

They are in the Soviet village, searched the houses.

The scheme is the front line in the Bryansk and Vyazma in October 5th.

The results of the offensive: encirclement of Soviet forces at Vyazma and Bryansk.

German tanks and infantry in the attack.

A huge column of prisoners, prisoners sit on the ground.

Gallery "portraits" of prisoners.

German aircraft in the air, the battlefield, captured from the plane.

Huge lot of damaged and broken equipment.

The German column going forward.

Speaker on "definition of decision in the East".

Are German soldiers.

Key words

Soviet Union, world war 2, soldiers, equipment, tanks, SS, air force, river, prisoners, the wounded, military leaders, personalities

Reel №5

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