Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 582 (1941)

Newsreel №62798, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:52, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Abromajt,Anders,G.Bashtanier,Epter,Ditrih,Eljzigan,Frentc,Horn,Yung,G.Haller,P.Haller,Leman,Leshe,H.Myuller,Pennarc,K.-L.Rihter,Ridelj,Rodde,H.Shmic,A.Sholjc,E.Shtollj,Venig,Viljd, i dr

Reel №1

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Visit the Slovak national leaders in the headquarters of the Fuhrer.

The arrival rate of President Tiso and Prime Minister tuka.

They greet with Hitler, Ribbentrop, Keitel.

Meeting with Hermann Goering at the car.

Conversation through the window.

Good-bye, the train hits the road.

Of the Soviet Union.

Finnish front.

Finnish troops in the area of the Onega and Ladoga lakes.

They throw in Petrozavodsk direction more than half of its Karelian army.

Riding tanks, trucks, infantry in the campaign.

As a result of repeated attacks of the Finns manage to break through the defense of Soviet troops.

Finns have captured Soviet bunker.

Shoots anti-aircraft gun.

Falls downed Soviet aircraft.

The Finns in the village.

Ruins of houses.

September 30, the Finnish troops enter in Petrozavodsk.

Finnish women's corps at the front, women prepare food, soldiers handing out hot meals.

Finnish Lieutenant General Eric Heinrichs presents soldiers awards.

Of the Soviet Union.

The battle for the island of dago /Huma/ where was the North of the fortified sector with a small garrison of sailors.

On 12 October, the Germans begin landing on the island.

Troops supported by fire of the batteries of the island of Saaremaa, the cruiser "Cologne" and four destroyers.

German artillery shelled the island.

German warships are shelling coastal fortifications.

Observers, protectorate.

Assault amphibious gliders are attacking the island.

The Marines on boats.

The landing of German troops.

Unloading guns.

The Germans advancing deep into the island.



The beginning skirmishes with Soviet troops.

Shoot German guns.

Shoot the tank.

Burning, tanks, machinery.

The Germans go ahead.

They shelled the village, burning house.

Mortar fires.

The continuation of the shelling.

The battle for the city of kärdla, burning buildings.

The Germans on the island.

Conversations with the local population.

Residents welcomed the Germans.

Key words

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USSR, War world 2 tanks, lake, artillery, air force, population, volunteers, food, warlords, personalities, awards, soldiers
Soviet Union, world war 2, Navy, artillery, military equipment, air force, weapons, tanks, troops, fire, population

Reel №2

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Of the Soviet Union.

German troops advanced towards Leningrad.

German sappers narrow railway track and bring it in line with international standard.

Relaying rails.

The train runs on the restored bridge.

Unloading from wagons of food, sacks of potatoes, the pigs.

In the meat processing shop.

Hanging carcasses of butchered animals.

Loading of bread and meat.

Delivery of food to the advanced positions near Leningrad.

In the remote position the supplies arrive.

A German soldier with a can in the trenches, the soldiers eat.


Calculation at the guns.

Charging the gun.

The gun shoots around the city. panorama of Leningrad.

Attack of Soviet tanks.

Firing a weapon.

Damaged and destroyed Soviet tanks, the remnants of Soviet vehicles on the road.

Key words

Soviet Union, world war 2, troops, railway, construction, food, tanks, air, fire, soldiers, vehicles, artillery

Reel №3

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Of the Soviet Union.

The Luftwaffe bombed Soviet ports.

Planes in the air.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Flying bombs on target.

Shooting Odessa from the plane.

District of the port of Odessa.

The Germans bombed Soviet transport ships.

The pilot in the cockpit.

German aircraft returned to their base.

German planes on the airfield.

The plane traces of the injuries suffered during the battle.

Romanian artillery shelled Odessa.

Calculation at the guns. 16 Oct 1941 - the entry of the Romanian troops in Odessa.

Romanian soldiers on the streets.

Remains of street barricades and fortifications.

The Romanians shot down Soviet star, strengthen the Romanian flag on the building.

Leaflets calling to keep order and peace.

The population read the leaflets.

The burnt post office building on Sadovaya street.

The area of the port. panorama of abandoned equipment, cargo, machinery.

The car that fell off the pier.

To The East Of Odessa.

In between battles.

The Germans and Romanians go about your day: roast a pig, shave, haircut.

The Germans with chickens, geese.

Bathing in the trough.

German reading the newspaper-leaflets "Der Kampf".

Fighting in the area of Taganrog.

The shelling of the city.

Defeated the Soviet position.

The corpses of soldiers.

German troops enter the city.

Burning oil base.



German artillery moving forward.

Infantry goes to the East.

Shooting guns, flying planes, running Marines.

Shooting flamethrowers.


Tanks in the attack.

Key words

Soviet Union, world war 2, Royal air force, port, population, state institutions, fire, Cars, machinery, army, explosion

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