Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 585 (1941)

Newsreel №62800, 4 parts, duration: 0:36:52, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Abromajt,V.Bashtanier,Bender,Brezelou,Ditrih,Eljzessker,Ertlj,Fisher,Geer,Horn,P.Haller,Lippoljdt,Mala,Yung,Shlaf,A.Sholjc,G.Vajss,Venig,Cajtlinger i dr

Reel №1

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Pictures of the Motherland.

Greetings from Stuttgart, capital of Baden-württemberg.

In the XVI century, becoming a Ducal residence.

View of the city from the bird's flight.


Castle square, where most architectural and historical monuments.

Clock tower.

The old Cathedral.

Famous natives of the city: the storyteller Wilhelm Hauff, the philosopher Georg Hegel, engineers Ferdinand Porsche and Gottlieb Daimler.

Thanks to these inventors, the city became one of the centers of the German automotive industry.


The harvest in Swabia.

A cart with apples.

Loading apples in the wagons.



The ceremony in honor of the 75th anniversary of the operetta composer Paul Linke.

The celebrant welcomes the Minister of propaganda Goebbels.

In the Berlin city hall the composer solemnly awarded a medal.

In the evening, at the people's theatre Paul Linke is conducting his operetta "Frau Luna" performed by the staff of the Berlin operetta.

Fragments of the play.

The presentation of flowers to the celebrant.


Sending children from the North-Western regions of Germany to the South of the country.

Women and children in the car.

Landscapes in southern Germany.

The Station Semmering.

Arrived women and children at the station.

Children on vacation, on a walk.

A woman with a baby.


A tobacco warehouse.

Sorting, drying, pulverization, etc.

The manufacture of cigarettes.

Padded machine.

Automatic line for packing of cigarettes.

Finished goods warehouse.

Send it on vehicles.

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Reel №2

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Field Marshal Goering awards the distinguished pilots of the Luftwaffe.

Awards ceremony.

Goering distributes Iron crosses, slaps the pilot on the shoulder.

Finnish front.

In between fights: commander of the 36th corps, General of cavalry Hans Feige awards distinguished themselves in the battles of Finnish soldiers with Iron crosses.

German units in Karelia.

Horse-drawn carts go past tanks.

After the conquest Aanislinna (Petrozavodsk), Eastern Karelia systematically cleansed of Bolsheviks.

Soviet units are hiding in the dense virgin forests.

Tanks in a forest, they break under the trees.

Shelling the Soviet position.

Shooting guns.

Another fierce battle in the woods.

The Bolsheviks surrender, two soldiers are wounded.

German infantry in camouflage moving forward, taking the arms on the Leveller.

Near Leningrad.

The construction of the bridge, provided with cutters, the movement of the tier on the bridge.

The wooden structure of the bridge are filled with large boulders.

The Germans dumped the rocks on the chutes into trucks, driven to the construction site.

The what.

German train.

Unloading cows, goats.

Warm winter clothes, arrived at the front.

The arrival of the car with food, unload it.

Soviet prisoners unloading.

The Germans settled into winter quarters.

Soldiers gaining the wood, bears to the dugout, heats the stove.

The soldiers pounded with snow.

German soldiers dismantled sent to woolen items.

A German wearing a camouflage coat, wearing a hat on his head.

Special winter boots and a coat for observers and guards.

A division of scouts on skis.

The discovery of the Soviet squad.

Shooting with the Soviet troops.

Fragments of the battle.


Go to surrender to the red army.

Military actions near Moscow.

German Colonel-General Maximilian Weichs, which celebrated its 60th anniversary, the positions.

Divisions and corps of Vahsa fought in Poland and in the Balkans, on the Western front.

Later they helped in the battles of Kiev and Bryansk.

He hands the Iron cross distinguished soldiers.

The attack on the Soviet position to the North from Moscow.

Part of the city is located in the outer defensive ring.

Gunner shoots.

Shoot Marines.

Go to surrender to the Soviet soldiers.

German infantry in the village.

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Reel №3

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Military actions near Moscow.

In the morning.

The view of the Soviet positions and fortifications, destroyed by the Germans.

Destroyed machinery.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers, covered with snow.

A hundred kilometers from Moscow.

A field kitchen with hot food for the soldiers.

Horses eat.

The Germans in camouflage.

Is the infantry.

Go through the mud tanks and other equipment.

Speaker on "indescribable" state of Russian roads.

Prisoners working on clearing the roads.

German soldiers, uvazhaemie in the mud.

Soldiers trying to get out of the mud his boots.

Go transports with replenishment and ammunition.

Tanks in the village.

Airfield transport aircraft.

Loading fuel barrels in the transport plane.

The plane takes off into the air, above the window of the cockpit hanging a toy monkey.

He flies low over the German columns.

In the cargo compartment barrels of fuel.

Of the Soviet Union.

The southern sector of the front.

On line Kryvoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk, Stalino, Mariupol.

View Kharkov from the plane.

Huge industrial enterprise /apparently, KTP/.

German plane lands on Central square of Kharkov, the building of Gosprom.

Pathetic home workers and the poor against the background of administrative colossi.

Preparation of the next issue of the frontline newspaper "OST-front".

The distribution of the finished rooms to the soldiers.

Caricature of Stalin.

The population buys kiosk anti-Soviet newspaper "Voice of Poltava", the room in the hands of the reader.

Blown up railway bridge across the Dnieper.

Grand opening of the new bridge built by German sappers.

On the bridge are trains.

View of the bridge.

Column of Soviet prisoners.

A separate column "identified" Jews.

View of the column of air.

Faces of the soldiers.

The typical Jewish person.

Landing of German infantry on a barge on the Dnieper.

Soldiers with guns on the barge.

The landing of the soldiers.

Sending German wounded to the rear of the barge, comrades and give them to smoke.

Of the Soviet Union.

The fighting in the Crimea.

German cyclists on the road leading to Simferopol.

The defeat of the Soviet factory, transformed by Soviet troops in the fortress and captured by the Germans by storm.

Passage of the camera through the ruins of the factory.

View of the destroyed Soviet armored trains.

German anti-aircraft gunners firing at Soviet aircraft.

One plane going down.

Its burning remnants.


On 8 November in Bucharest is hosting a victory parade.

On the steps of the Royal Palace in Victoria square, king Mihai I, Marshal ion Antonescu, Queen mother Elena.

King Mihai I attaches to the banners of the units which distinguished themselves in the battles for Odessa, awards.

At the parade there is the German field-Marshal Wilhelm Keitel.

Rewarding officers, whom the king appointed knights of the Order of Michael the Brave.

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Reel №4

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Awards ceremony.

The parade of "winners".

Under the arc de Triomphe are Romanian troops, who defeated Odessa headed by General Joseph Jobitem.

The marching infantry, transportation equipment.

Defile the German group of forces, stationed in Bucharest, headed by General Arthur Hauffe.


General Rommel inspects a line of soldiers, awards distinguished themselves in battle.

Cooking holiday dinner.

A soldier carries a plate of food.

The soldiers eat.

Soldiers in protective grid from insects.

The soldiers take a tent to shield the table from the onslaught of annoying flies.

The feast continues.

A documentary cameraman in a protective mesh, plastered with flies.

A soldier writes a letter in a protective mesh.

Flies roam the letter.

On the front salloum.

The tank attack.

Tanks are in the desert.

Bombardment of enemy positions.

Shooting guns.

Rommel is watching the battle.

Fragments of fire.

The tanks are back after a successful operation.

Tanks in the desert.

Burning and wrecked British tanks.


German vessels patrolling at sea.

The sailors of the observers with binoculars.

German aircraft maintenance.

German caravan continues on patrol.

A German plane at the airport.

The pilot sits in the cockpit.

The planes take off.

The plane over the Strait.

View of the English coast.

The shelling of the British aircraft.

The bombing of the British vessel.



The burning vessel.

The bombardment ships with machine guns.

Burning and sinking ship.

The pilot transmits a message to the submariners.

Sinking another ship.

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