Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 588 (1941)

Newsreel №62803, 4 parts, duration: 0:33:03, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Germany. "Pictures of the homeland."


The famous Imperial castle, the 12th-century Kaiserburg, which every German king was obliged to spend your first day of the Board.

People on the streets.

Market square with the Cathedral Frauenkirchen, fountains.

Here in 1835 by rail went to the first train in Germany.

Nuremberg is famous for its toy Museum and the city in the middle ages became the capital for the production of toys.

Ancient monuments.

The most famous native of Nuremberg, a famous Medieval artist Albrecht Durer.



The ceremony of investiture of the new Gauleiter Dr.

Gustav Scheel.

Cars on the streets.

Reichsleiter Dr.

Robert Ley and Dr.


They bypass the guard of honor.

Ceremony indoors.

Lay thanked the former Gauleiter of Rayman and hands Seely document on the introduction of it in the post.

Presentation of the flag.


Soviet prisoners of war employed in Germany.

They are systems.

They are earthworks on the railway.

The prisoners in front of the camera.



A fragment of a Boxing match between Noiselab and Seidler.

Germany. 8.12.1941. The rate of the Fuhrer.

Admission Hitler Grand mufti Ierusalima.

Hitler greets the mufti, who with great difficulty through Italy got to Germany.


The reception of Hitler in his headquarters, General Eduard Dietl, the hero of Narvik.

Hitler, Keitel, Jodl and Dietl talking.

They for the card.


Station Florentin-Verini.

A meeting of Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering and Marshal Henri Philippe pétain.

Goering in his car, talking with Pétain about the fate of Germany and France.

Near the train Goering forgiven also with Admiral Darlan.


Sturmmann SS Fritz Kristen at the age of 16 became the youngest Knight's cross holder in the German Wehrmacht.

Fighting in the anti-tank of the SS division "Dead head" as a gunner, he prevented the attempt to break the 15 Soviet tanks.

In 24 hours he destroyed 13 enemy tanks.

Kristen arrives home from the front on leave, he's at home with their parents.

He talks about his stay at the front.

Kristen with her father-a Forester and his friends in the woods near the fire.

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Reel №2

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In one of the German ports.

The launching of a new submarine.

The crew bring flowers.

The sailors in front of the camera.

The boat leaves first combat swimming the English channel.

The submarines arrived at the base after a combat mission.

On the boat flying winning pennants.

Girls give sailors the flowers.

Sailors unpack bales of mail, read the letter.


German submarine U-81, which destroyed English aircraft carrier "Ark Royal", in the Italian port.

Boat captain Friedrich Guggenberger in front of the camera.

The Atlantic coast of Europe.

At the airport of fighters on the channel coast.

German pilots in their aircraft.

Carry out the necessary work.

The plane is the camera.

Pilots having fun with the bear and dogs.

German observer with binoculars on the coast, the message to the command post.

The pilots rush to the machines.

The fighters take off into the air, they over the village.

German soldiers watching from the ground for air combat.

Shot down by British aircraft at coast of the English channel.

The German squadron in the air.

Return to their base.

One of the pilots, Colonel Galland, out of the plane.

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Reel №3

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Of the Soviet Union.

The Northern front.

Map of Finland and the border areas.

An officer with a map.

Soviet POWs at forced labor on the construction of winter quarters for German troops, they build a sauna.

German soldiers after the sauna wipe off the snow, dive into the hole.

Deliveries of supplies to the front of the reindeer in the Finnish army.

Finnish soldiers in the area between the Onega and Ladoga lake.

Ferry troops across the lake by boat.

They landed on the shore.

Work on the deactivation min.

A mine explosion.

Soldiers in the woods.

German planes in the air.

Killed by Soviet soldiers.

Soviet prisoners of war.

Of the Soviet Union.

The front near Leningrad.

Captured by barge with food for Leningrad.

Unloading meat carcasses.

Communications at work.

They pull the cable.

Restoration of the communication line.

Battery near Leningrad.

She is shelling the city.

Clouds of explosions.

Of the Soviet Union.

The front near Moscow.

German transport column followed by the front.

Abandoned and damaged Soviet equipment.

The movement of German troops.

German soldiers occupy the village.

The actions of the intelligence division", Grossdeutschland".

Searches min.

The soldier pulls out of the ground mine.

The departure of General von Bock of staff Guderian.

Guderian's tanks in the offensive.

The commander gives the order to attack.

A tractor with a gun.

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Reel №4

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Of the Soviet Union.

The front near Moscow.

Tanks in battle.

Artillery fire supported the attack.

The tank should be infantry.

Captured Russian village near Moscow.

Tanks burst into the village.

Burning houses.

Soldiers searched one of the houses.

Captive Commissioner.

A column of Russian prisoners.

North Africa.

Map of military operations.

Data on losses of the allies.

In the first battle, was captured more than 9,000 British soldiers, 114 tanks, 700 aircraft.

German and Italian troops fighting a numerically superior enemy.

Go German motorcyclists.

Artillery moved to new positions.

Occupation of positions.

The bombardment of the enemy.

Reflection attack British tanks.

Shoot German guns.

Italian aircraft attacked the English transport column.

German fighter Junkers in the air.

Burning British tank.

Intermediate camp of English prisoners.

The prisoners on the vehicles sent to the rear.

German tanks in the desert.

Italian infantry in the attack.

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