Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 619 (1942)

Newsreel №62814, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:24, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Anders,H.Bashtanier,Bernze,Blashke,Eljzigan,Eljsesser,Botas,Frichle,Kilian,Hiller,Klyajn,Deman,Leppert,Mala,Pennerc,R.Rihter,H.Shmid,Zegler,G.Vajss,Venig,Voljf

Reel №1

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The celebration of the 70th anniversary of President reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia, Dr.

Emil Gahs.

The orchestra is in front of the house.

A crowd of people.

Gah at the window.

Government members and delegations from the public congratulations of the President.

Handing out addresses.

Reich Minister Dr.

Hans-Heinrich Lammers, head of Reich Chancellery, reports Gakh congratulations from the Fuhrer, then approaches him Deputy Reich-protector of Bohemia and Moravia Hans Deluge, sends him a gift of a bust of Hitler.



European student "culture Days".

Representatives from twenty-four States visiting the city.

Meeting of the student representatives.

The speech of Gauleiter of Salzburg, the Imperial students ' Gustav Adolf Scheel.

The opening of the exhibition of young artists.

Tour of the exhibition.

Battle paintings.

The sculpture of Ivo Bonera "Work and defense".


Munich. 4 July took place the opening of a Large art exhibition of 1942, where 680 exhibited works of artists and sculptors.

The arrival of Goebbels, he opens the exhibition.

Exhibits: a bust of the führer works of Hermann Joachim Teresa; bust of Mussolini works of Josef thorak; "Wave" - a sculpture of a reclining Nude woman Fritz Clime; "Mother and child" sculpture by Josef thorak; "Defender" - Arno Breker; the sketch of the German stadium in Nuremberg, Otto A, Hirt.

The audience in the exhibition halls.

Paintings: "fisherwoman" Julius Engelhardt, "Date" Julius Engelhardt, "the mirror" a few artists, "Riders on the coast" by Joseph Piper, a portrait of the Fuhrer Rudolf Gerhard Zilla, "the Knights cross of the Leibstandarte" by Ernst Krause, "Men in war" Schmitz-wiedenbrück, "Through the Russian steppe" Rudolf Lipus, "Battle" Rudolf G. Vermeer, "the Final transition of the upper Rhine" of William Sauter and other Patriotic and battle scenes.


Field Marshal Erich von Manstein, the winner of the Sevastopol, going to Hitler's headquarters.

The führer meets his handshake.

Manstein greeted with General field Marshal Keitel and chief of operations of OKW Jodl.


Return to the base submarine from voyage to the Atlantic.

Submarine U-124 is coming to the pier, the shore crew met the comrades.

Distribution of mail to sailors.

Speaker of the victories of the German submariners.

Captain Johann Mohr - the hero-submariner - camera, he sank American vessels carrying 39 thousand tons.

The Nazi flag.

Sailors drinking beer, cuddling with women.

Turtles brought from the Caribbean.

The Grand building.

Presentation of colors.

Presentation to the crew of the black pig for luck.

Gross-Admiral Karl Doenitz awards of distinguished sailors.

The Arctic ocean.

German base in the North of Norway.

In the air fly reconnaissance gliders from a distance, they catapulters from the ground.

Noticed a large Anglo-American convoy.

The pilot in the cockpit.

He will send information in Morse code to the command post.

Gross-Admiral Karl Doenitz gives instructions.

Submarines come to the RAID.

The aircraft "Junkers-88" and "Heinkel-111" in the air.

Submarines at sea.

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Reel №2

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Planes in the air, the pilots in the cockpit.

View of the convoy of ships from the top.

The attack aircraft and submarines on the convoy.

Flying bombs on the target, an explosion was heard.

The destruction of the convoy.

Burning and sinking vessels.

It was destroyed about 260 thousand tons of strategic goods to the Soviet Union.

Military operations in the Murmansk area.

German bombers are arriving at the airport.

A picture of a kite on the aircraft fuselage.

One of the pilots handed the wreath in his 100th sortie, then a second one.

Colonel-General Hans-jürgen Stumpf, commander of the aircraft in the far North, inspects the flight part, it presents the Knight's cross pilot Rudolf müller, which destroyed 48 enemy gliders.

The arrival of Colonel-General Eduard Dietl in the Northern front along with a unit of sappers and men of the organization Todt.

The Grand building construction teams who will have to build in the tundra of the road.

General Dietl inspects a line of soldiers, talking to them.

Dietl takes the salute.

Key words

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Reel №3

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RAD soldiers on the construction of the wooden decking for the advancing troops.

Romanian and German troops moving through the flooring.

The distribution of shells from the truck.

A brief rest on the way.

German planes in the air.

The bombing of the Soviet columns and parts.


Crossing the Oskol, the engineers bring a wooden bridge across the river.

Firing a weapon.

Burning enemy tank.

Infantry in battle, the soldiers bombarded the enemy bunker with grenades.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Column of Soviet prisoners, by them passing the German tanks.

Killed by Soviet soldiers on the battlefield.

The Germans cross the Oskol river on inflatable boats.

German observer with binoculars.

The Stuka bombers in the air.

The bombing of Soviet positions.

The view of the Soviet positions from the air.

The consequences of the bombing: destroyed Soviet equipment in large numbers.

Vehicles burning in the streets of the ruined city.

German infantry on bicycles.

Destroyed buildings, broken station.

Key words

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