Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 625-2 Working material (1942)

Newsreel №62819, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:27, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The reflection attempts landing near the town of Dieppe English, canadian, American and French troops on 19 August 1942.

The scheme of operations of the German troops.

German guns firing, firing.

The attack of the allied forces on Dieppe, the fighting in the streets.

The flying British aircraft on landing.

The air battle.

Drop shot down an English plane, his remains burning on the ground.

Surrendering British and American soldiers. pnrm. the city and the harbour after the fight.

The corpses of the Anglo-American soldiers in the water.

Burning the broken court, the vehicle of the allies, the inscriptions on the Board: "Calgary", "BIFI".

Destroyed equipment, and shot down the enemy planes and tanks.

Helmets in the water.

English prisoners and wounded in the streets of Dieppe.

Prisoners in the collecting camp and on the road.

Captured weapons and uniforms.

Residents watch a column of prisoners.

Life is peaceful on streets of Dieppe, passers-by, women with a bag.

Coast gun crew, German soldiers marching.

A flotilla of German patrol ships accompanied by aircraft in the English Channel

Key words

France, world war 2, air force, Navy, troops, soldiers, artillery, prisoners, troops, population

Reel №2

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German submarine returns to home port, the sailors on Board the boat.

Meeting on the shore, the sailors were presented with flowers, handed out letters from home.

The boat hung flags.

On the banks of the greeters, a group of nurses in uniform.

Team on shore, the sailors drink beer from bottles.

Sea turtles brought on deck.

The sailor holds in his hands the black Piglet.

Admiral Raeder rewards sailors.

Submarine in the new campaign.

Alarm on Board when the enemy aircraft.

Has antiaircraft guns on her show "Skagerrak".

Works cameraman.

The hole on the Board.

Launch torpedoes

Key words

Germany, Navy, world war 2, the Troops

Reel №3

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Of the Soviet Union.

Fighting in the North Caucasus.

The capture of the German city of Yeisk.

Shirtless from the heat gunners have guns are firing on the city.

Spanish sadaty marching in berets, ride trucks with soldiers.

Galloping cavalry.

The port of Yeysk, destroyed port facilities, oil tank.

The center of the city, destroyed the building.

There is the German infantry, tanks, self propelled guns, go motociclisti.

Fighting in the area Tikhoretsk.

Station, rail, train circle.

Damage to the station.

Germans on holiday, eat watermelons.

Kuban steppe.

German General talks to soldiers.

The camels used in the carts.

German engineering is moving to the river Kuban.

Column of Soviet prisoners on the road.

German infantry cross the river on pontoons and boats.

They are on the opposite Bank.

German tanks moving forward.

Infantryman with a pipe in his mouth.

The Germans in Pyatigorsk.

Defectors in white bottom shirts.

Destroyed Soviet tanks and equipment.

Germans on holiday, eating the collected cucumbers, and bathe in the fountain, wash clothes, bathe, shave.

The movement of German troops to the Caucasus mountains.

Undermining the railway.

Podgora fighting in the Caucasus.

German artillery fires.

Tanks on the road with mountains in the background.

Equipment, tanks, cars rushing to the Caucasus

Key words

Soviet Union, world war 2, troops, artillery, cavalry, port, engineering, demolition, railway, soldatic, river, prisoners, tanks

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