Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 626 (1942)

Newsreel №62820, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:49, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The Atlantic coast of Europe, in the area of Dieppe after the battle, German troops from the landing of the Anglo-American troops.

Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt inspecting the spoils of war.

Awarding the most distinguished soldiers the Iron cross.

Officer attaches an Iron cross to a wounded soldier.

The Atlantic ocean.

Bunker for German submarines.

Return to the base submarine captain 3rd rank Erich Toppa after the assignment, he gave a report to the commandant of the port.

Gala dinner of the crew of the boat, the sailors sitting at tables outdoors, Erich Topp near-obergruppenführer, SS General Sepp Dietrich.

Grand Admiral Erich Raeder welcomes sailors who committed heroic RAID to the coast of the United States.

Followed by gross-Admiral Karl Doenitz.

Gross-Admiral Raeder corrects a cross on the chest of the sailor, shaking hands.


Hitler's Headquarters.

The captain of the 3rd rank of Erich Topp sent to the headquarters of the führer for awarding him the Swords to the Knight's cross with Oak Leaves.

Chief adjutant of the Fuehrer Rudolf Schmundt looking paper with staff officers.

Captain Werner Baumbach, the commander of the 1st group, 30th bomber at the entrance to the headquarters, Hitler comes to meet him, congratulates award: Knight's cross with Oak Leaves and Swords for the ships sinking allied tonnage over 300 thousand tons.

Baumbach is the Fuhrer your crew rear gunner, oberfeldwebel William brown, radio operator, oberfeldfebel Tisa Henry, the Navigator, the non-commissioned officer Gerhard Baerwald.

Baumbach talks with chief of operations of OKW, General Alfred Jodl.

Werner Baumbach with the crew in front of the camera.

They have aircraft going to the front.

The Central section of the Eastern front on the Smolensk-Rzhev-Orel-Kursk.

Arrival of freight trains with arms and ammunition, new tanks for the German army group "Center".

On the front lines.

A pause in the fighting.

The soldier is in the hands of a loaf of bread.

Dirty Marines smile for the camera, eating in the trenches canned.

Artillery shelling of the attacking Soviet troops of the army Timoshenko Rzhev.

Firing mortars and anti-aircraft guns on Soviet tanks, the crew at the guns.

Fragments of a firefight infantry.

The Soviet attack was repelled.

Destroyed Soviet tanks, lined tank stuck over a trench.

Wounded German soldiers receiving first aid.

Infantry preparing to counterattack, runs in the fog through the woods to the river.

Overcoming water obstacles on the pontoons.

On the opposite Bank lie the soldiers with weapons.

Soviet artillery hit the crossing.

German tanks across the river, the mechanic looks in the slot.

Soviet shelling of the bunker.

The attack of German tanks and infantry continues.

Tank rides through the forest.

Attack by German aircraft.

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Reel №2

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Of the Soviet Union.

The Central section of the front.

Marines observe the actions of the German aviation.

Infantry moving forward, doing the Jogging.

German artillerymen pulling a gun, shoot.

Burning town, the flames of the fire.

Relieves front-line cameraman.

Fighting in the upper reaches of the don.

Italian troops - cavalry, infantry and artillery in action.

German airfield near Stalingrad.

Tactical meeting in the German squadron.

Captain Ernst Kupfer, holder of the Knight's cross, commander of the 2nd group of attack aircraft, sits on a horse, galloping to the aircraft, sits with the gunner in the car.

Planes fly in the air.

Massive RAID of German bombers under the cover of the Italian fighters on Soviet fortifications between the Volga and the Don.

View of dawn from the air.

The Germans begin to bomb Soviet tank units.

German tankers watch the bombing.

In the sky, reconnaissance aircraft, flying over the calculation of the heavy guns.

Artillery shells are on a stretcher to a howitzer.

Tank brigade is preparing to attack, tanks in the attack.

The attempts of the Soviet troops to stop the German tank attack.

German artillery preparing for battle, firing a heavy howitzer.

Tanks in the attack, the infantry follows the tanks.

The Germans are on the steppe.

The Caucasian front.

German infantry on the March along the dusty road.

Romanian troops cross the river on inflatable boats under enemy fire.

Fighting with Soviet troops in the forest.

The operation for the extermination of Soviet "cuckoo" /shooters on the tree, the sniper falls down.

German troops moving in the direction of Maikop.

German motorcyclists drive past a long burning warehouse building.

The movement of German troops ahead, ride cars, self-propelled guns. panorama of Maykop.

German troops are coming forward.

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Reel №3

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The Caucasian front.

Are German soldiers passing motorcyclists, trucks.

The view from the car on the road, a ruined Church.

On the street are arrested "Commissars".

On the streets of Maikop.

From building out soldiers with captured Soviet flag, close-up "the banner of state trade".

Infantry and cavalry in the streets of the city.

Lead the column of prisoners.

German soldiers on bicycles, motorcycles on the highway.

The battle for the oil fields.

The fire of the heavy guns, the gun shoots.

In between fights, the Germans eat watermelons.

Fragments shooting /night shooting/.

German soldiers are passing by the station.

A soldier with a rifle goes against the fire, burning tank with oil.

Burning oil well.

German fighters in the air.

Fragments of air combat.

Burning oil depot, set on fire by Bolsheviks.

German soldiers are moving South.

Riding tanks.

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