Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 694 (1943)

Newsreel №62856, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:24, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Winter defensive battles on the eastern front through Zhitomir, Krivoy Rog.

German soldiers are fleeing the zigzag trenches.

Runs connected with the report.

German transport aircraft "Junkers-52" in the air, it resets the mail and products.

Soldiers carry bales, crates reveal.

Outdoor kitchen, is cutting pork carcasses.

German reserve troops in the campaign, including infantry and horse-drawn carts, are on the snow and mud.

Horse artillery going through the village.

Young soldier petting horses muzzle.

Tank rides, splashing mud.

Infantry marching, smiling at the camera.

Leading a horse with loads.



Farewell to the German and Romanian volunteers in the Waffen SS troops of the German army.

Residents accompany young people, girls give flowers.

Young soldiers in the ranks.

Flag Raising.

SS-Obergruppenführer Werner Lorenz bypasses the volunteer system.

The train departs with volunteers from the station.


Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering inspects aviation industry.

He was at the airport inspects new cars, talking with the pilot.

Goering in the assembly shop, the workers greet him.

Goering among female workers.

He inspects the shop, he went to the car.


Pension for children of workers in the alpine mountains.

Children playing snowballs, sculpt a snowman.

They come to the mother.

Woman on vacation in a mountain resort.

They sew for Christmas baby soft toys.

A child at the door of the room.

Children come into the room with the Christmas tree and gifts on tables, see them.

Christmas in the rear and at the front.

There is a military structure, from his throwing tree, it picks up the railroad.

German workers and soldiers the general festive table.

Women of voluntary organizations in the hospital, they give gifts to the wounded.

Women celebrate at the table.

Christmas on the English Channel.


Nicholas with a bag goes into the dugout to the soldiers, his mulled wine treated.

The soldiers reading letters.

One of them is considering a model of the cruiser in a bottle.

The Navy in the sea.

Saint Nicholas goes to the cockpit to the sailors, distributes gifts.

Western Front, landing plane comes St.

Nicholas brings gifts, bottles of schnapps.

Christmas tree in the dugout, burning candles.

The window can be seen a hopper gun and watch.


Barbed wire on the bank of the trench.

Field-Marshal Rommel inspects the German positions in Jutland.

On track driven shells for heavy guns on the platform.

Rommel with General Hermann von Hannekenom, commander of German troops in Denmark, visiting the bunker.

Maneuvers soldiers on the beach are tanks.

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Reel №2

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Goes motorized artillery, armored vehicles.

Soldiers move through the trenches.

Soldiers Division "Narvik" badge on the sleeve of the soldier.

Portraits of soldiers: soldiers playing with the dog; a soldier, who was awarded the Iron Cross.

An observer on a tree transmits messages from the radio signaller.

There are Soviet planes.

Shoots a German battery.

Fires rocket artillery, howitzers.

Tanks go forward, the infantry behind them.

Soldiers in a cornfield.

Destroyed Soviet tanks.

Frontline hospital, assisting the wounded.

Defeated the Soviet positions, broken tanks, guns, corpses of Soviet soldiers in the snow.

North Sea.

Hydroplanes are in the water, clean off the snow and ice with them.

Download shells takeoff.

Seaplane escorted convoy in the stormy sea.

Ships poured waves.

The sailors cleaned the deck of snow.

The appearance of enemy aircraft, anti-aircraft guns fired from ships.

German ships continued on their way.


Over the mountains flying aircraft, a top view of the terrain.

Lookout Mountain, standing anti-aircraft gun.

Soldiers look to the sky.

There are American planes.

Shoot German guns.

Downed aircraft burning on the ground.

Officers discuss the situation in the map.

German battery strengthened in the mountains in a cave.

Mountain trails enhance stones. transportation of goods on donkeys.

Arrival address.

Artillery fired by the Anglo-American positions.

Sappers undermined the bridge in the mountains.

Soldiers marching down the road, enter the city.


Flying German seaplanes, they accompany a German convoy.

The Germans were waving their hands.

Far seaplane reconnaissance "Blom and Voss" BW-138 sits on the water.

Comrades congratulates the crew from 1500-m flight from 1939 to 1943.

Presentation of wreaths and gifts to the hero-pilot.

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