Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 5 (1940)

Newsreel №62875, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:25, black-white
Production: Foks

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Game fragment revealing hiding from the front malingerers

The harsh winter in Holland.

Ice skating on frozen canals.

The frozen sea working icebreaker, followed by the caravan.

The ship in the ice captivity.

Flight aircraft to the rescue

San Cristo, Carlsberg.

The instructor demonstrates a slalom Congress.

Mountains and shelter where Hitler left off members of the Sudetenland.

Boys rubbed skiing, playing snowballs, go on a ski trip

Soldiers of the Western Front in Düsseldorf present on the skaters.

Champion Herbert Bayer with a partner

Northern Germany.

Completion of the new queue processing plant.

Some industrial buildings and constructions.

Workshop, the workers at their machines

Key words

Game fragment
Holland, Natural Phenomena, Water Transport, Aviation, Entertainment
Germany, Mountains, Natural phenomena, Entertainment, Hitler Youth
World War 2, Western Front, Army, Sports
Germany, Industry

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Help Germany.

One of the border areas.

A train from the tanks, on the train says "Lviv Railway".

This second part of the Soviet oil at the expense of the contractual deliveries.

Soviet and German railway exchange documentation.

There is a transfer of oil in the German tsistserny

Return to the Reich Volksdeutsche.

Winter, the peasants in carts transporting his farm.

The convoy of immigrants.

Meeting with German soldiers on the bridge.

Entrance to the German town.

Settlers on vacation.

Farmers perepryagayut horses.

Distribution of free lunch.

Adults and children eat

Goebbels's visit to the Western Front.

Part of the defense.

At the headquarters of Goebbels sees photos taken with reconnaissance aircraft.

Parade, in which pilots demonstrate their skills in front of Goebbels.

Goebbels is present in the infantry exercises.

Training bout.

The machine-gunners.

Soldiers rushes are moving forward, moving gun at a new point

The engineers in the construction of the bridge in the water in rubber suits.

Laying floors.

The completion of the bridge.

The opening movement

Return German U-boats in the port after months of campaign.

The commander on the upper deck.

On the bank built a team captain reports to the commander Admiral Doenitz.

Rewarding team "Iron Cross"

Navy Patrol Service.

North Sea.


Deck in the ice, frosty guns, ropes, wires.

Sailors hammers clean off the ice.


At a signal from the air-raid sailors ran to their guns.

Shooting from the ship's guns

Key words

Railroad Fuel
Germany, National, Army, Settlers
World War 2, Western Front, Goebbels, Air Force doctrine Troops Parade
Germany, Sappers
Germany, Navy, Award, Warlords
North Sea, Navy, Natural Phenomena, World War 2

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