Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 736

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Producer UFA

Operators: Johannes Arndt, Karl Valjdman, Frikheffer, Gans Jenzen, Kurt Krigar, Zigfrid Kryoner, Kubesh, Aljfons Lustek, Viljgeljm Mala, Voljfgang Shnajder, Hajnc Shmidt, Valjter Konstantin Shtojcner, Shtyurmer, Valkenberg, Ceplin i drugie.

Reel №1


Workers miners mobilized at the end of a hard day in the mines for defense work.

They dig trenches and trenches.

At the train station workers unload wagons with military material: fuel reserves, the coils of wire, bars.

Construction of silos for two people.

In general the province mobilized military-tylovikov on defense work.

Officers shtabniki-build field fortifications.

Senior officer considers calluses on his hands.

Men and women digging anti-tank ditches.

Eastern front.

The Baltic countries.

Estonian volunteers serving in the German army.

Evacuation of Estonia at the approach of the Soviet troops.

The refugees from areas occupied by the Bolsheviks, sit on a ship in Reval (Tallinn), soldiers help residents go to the ramp, bear children in her arms.

The ship in the sea.

A woman feeds her baby on the deck.

An elderly woman thanked the captain for salvation.

Latvian young soldiers take an oath to the Nazi Reich.

They will be held service in the auxiliary parts of the Luftwaffe.

The ceremonial passing soldiers.

They welcomed the German officer.

Eastern front.

The German counter-attack on the eastern front.

New combat aircraft Focke-Wulf 190 in flight.

The squadron is flying at a low height, troops attacked the car and on the road.

Fragments of air combat.

The northern section of the Eastern Front Kurland.

The infantry is on the foggy woods, ride a disguised self-propelled guns.

German infantrymen in combat.

Burning the Soviet T-34 tanks.

German sergeant tank shells burst through faustpatronom.

German soldiers approach the downed Soviet tank, examine it.



The final suppression of the uprising.

German planes bombarded the rebels from the air.

The explosion of the building where lies one of the largest pockets of resistance.

Huge house explodes in several parts and is practically crumbles to dust.


Western Front in Lyunevillya district, Nancy.

German tanks sent to the front.

Marines begin an operation to clean up the forest from the enemy.

General tank troops Hasso-Eckart von Manteuffel during a discussion about the upcoming tank counterattack.

Tanks and infantry moving forward.

Fragments of the battle with the Americans.

Captured by the Americans.

Fighting for Lyunevill.

German tanks.

Smoke fire.

During a visit to the western regions threatened enemy, Reich minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels visited the headquarters of Field Marshal Walter Model's, where he met with the situation at the front.

After saying goodbye Goebbels meeting with Field Marshal and gets in the car.


After a visit to the front Reich minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels speaking at a meeting of workers in Cologne, 10.04.1944. on a poster Kind: "The front and the homeland one goal - to win the fight."

Goebbels delivers a speech on the need to fight to the end.

Goebbels controversy with allegations that the arrival of the Anglo-American troops is not so bad, as the arrival of "Bolshevik".

It sounds patriotic song.

A great number of German tanks "Tiger" lined up on the field, the commander of the column circles.

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