Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 745

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Producer UFA

Operators: Kurt Krigar, Valjter Frentc, Kurt Voljfes, Burkhardt, Diter Liphardt, Hut, Ekish, Majzenkoten, Viljgeljm Mala, Erih Onash, Heljmut Pryufer, Pfiffig, Rajnefeljd, Ringeljband, Cejss, Ernst Eljzigan i drugie.

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December 17 - Day of the Imperial Railways / Reichsbahn /.

Solemn meeting of railwaymen.

On the podium of the Reichsminister of armaments and war production, Albert Speer.

Awarding deserved railroad.


Restoring explosion destroyed the telephone cable.

Signalman repair cable.

Control communication is restored.


Workshop for the production of prostheses for wounded soldiers.

Masters at work.

Wizard carves joint, matching the size of the X-ray image.

Wounded in the prosthesis in a rehabilitation center.

They play ball, ride bicycles.

Soldier on prostheses demonstrated its ability Tyroleans, rely on crutches.

He easily down the mountain.


Members of the "Hitler Youth" exams for the riding school in Hirschberg.

The boys stand in the snow in front of their horses, performing various exercises that require dexterity and skill.

They jump from the back of the horse to the ground, roll over in the saddle.

A young man rides without holding the reins.

Departure on horseback.


Presentation of evidence.

Close-up of the testimony in the name of Werner Exner on November 17, 1944.


Field-Marshal August von Mackensen, a member of the First World War, is congratulated on her 95th birthday in his estate.

As a sign of special respect Führer assigns 5th Cavalry name of Field Marshal von Mackensen.

Field-Marshal Wilhelm Keitel conveys a letter and an arm band from the Führer.


Acceptance of the Hungarian fascist dictator Hitler Ferenc Szalasi assigned to them in the place of the head of the Hungarian government, instead of the aged Admiral Horthy.

They walk down the hall, accompanied by Reich Foreign Minister Joachim Ribbentrop and his Hungarian counterpart Baron Gabor Kemeny.

During a meeting in the Reich Chancellery also present new Hungarian ambassador in Berlin Mecheria, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Hungary Edmund Veezenmayer.

In discussing the political, military and economic issues was expressed a wish to continue the struggle until victory.

Hitler and Field Marshal Keitel shake hands members of the Hungarian delegation, including the Minister of Defense Gen.

Karol Beregfi Hungary.


Forms of the promenade and the silhouette of the Parliament in Budapest in winter fog.

German naval flotilla guarding Budapest from air attacks.

Plaque Soviet bombers on patrol boats.

Shoot airborne artillery, reflecting attack.

Court's approach to the bridge.

East Prussia.

Fight in Courland and East Prussia.

The map points from Tilsit to Krakow.

Eight of the Soviet armies in Courland and East Prussia are suffering huge losses.

German soldiers stand on the defensive, hiding in the trenches, and shoot machine guns.

In the trenches of standing water, laid flooring planks.

It shoots a German mortar.

Infantry is preparing for battle.

Grenadiers are running behind the tanks to attack.

Carried the wounded from the battlefield.

The explosions from the shells of heavy guns.

Soldiers are advancing through the trenches, his feet get bogged down in the mud.

Tanks fired at the village.

Western Front.

On the line Arnhem Endhofen-Aachen.

Flooding in Arnhem as a result of the opening of the gateway by the Germans.

An extensive area flooded with water.

German motorcyclist rides through a flooded road.

The defensive battles on the western front against the enemy troops.

Brigadenfuhrer SS, commander of the 10th Panzer Division "Frundsberg" Heinz Harmel, holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, leaves the building, sits in the car and be at the command post.

Half-track rides through the streets of the ruined city as long as the trip is not interrupted by the attack of an enemy fighter air.

Harmel, replacing the officer's cap on his helmet, leaves the car and his comrades hiding in the ruins of the house.

Soldiers of the Waffen SS fired from inside the building with a machine gun and Panzerfaust.

The German positions in the Netherlands on the banks of the Ruhr, which is now carried by the high water.

Officers discuss the military situation.

The Gunners are the shells to the gun and shoot.

In Geilenkirchen.

A column of tanks in anticipation of the battle is on the highway.

Soldiers pass by tanks.

Tired and weary, they walk in the rain through the mud.

Grenadiers are going to attack behind the tanks.

Wounded assist on the battlefield.

Fragments of the battlefield.

Shootout infantry flamethrowers in action.

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