Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1940 № 21

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

Game fragment

Military operations in the Netherlands.

On the map of Europe isolated in Germany.

England, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg plan to capture the Ruhr Area: the extension of the Maginot Line in Northern Europe in September 1939, strengthening the border with Germany.

May 10 - the beginning of the offensive in Germany.

Rise squadron of transport aircraft, on board - paratroopers.

The territory of the Netherlands from the air channels, forests.

Release of parachutists over Rotterdam, discharge of military equipment and ammunition.

Aircraft over the city.

The outbreak of hostilities on the territory of the factory.

German soldiers are moving deeper into the city.

To help the infantry thrown bombers.

The explosions in the city.

The port is lit transport ship.

German troops overcome the first Dutch fortifications and moving forward.

A column of German art in the streets.

Crossing the channel by re-building bridges.

View of the bridge blown up

Key words

Game fragment Invasion, War World 2, Netherlands, Air Force, Army, Navy, Fire, Military Equipment

Reel №2

Fighting in the Netherlands.

Rest of German soldiers after the march, everyone is asleep.


Technology moves on.

On the road, abandoned by the Dutch equipment.

Bomb craters.

Road to Rotterdam.

Remains of Dutch troops resist.

The German unit cautiously moves through a minefield.

Shooting from the light artillery.

Village Street, destroyed homes.

Sappers Demining street.

Solid roof of the house.

Rubble, destroyed buildings in Rotterdam.

There is a column of German engineering.


At the forefront of the personal Hitler's tank column.

Usanovlenie due to dumped paratroopers.

German troops on the streets of Rotterdam.

Fighting in the city.

There is a Dutch envoy.

At night the streets raging fires.


Destruction in daylight.

View of the ruined neighborhoods with the aircraft.

After German troops vazyatiya Rotterdam: command of the Dutch troops announces surrender.

Negotiations in this regard with the German side.

Aircraft Squadron will start heading to Belgium.

At the bottom of the Belgian fortress Lüttich

Key words

World War 2, the Netherlands, troops, artillery, sappers, fire, tanks, landing, capitulation, the Air Force