Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1940 № 22

Film-document №62935 2 parts, Black-white to collection Price category G

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

Military operations in Norway.

The fjord is a ship.

Blast bridges, power lines.

German troops digging in the snow.


Air Parts support to ground troops.

The release of paratroopers.

distribution of ammunition

Actions of the German air force in Belgium. "Shtukas" in air.

Funnels on the ground airfield bombed, burnt aircraft hangars.

By plane convoy of enemy equipment.


At low flight along the road.

Broken and abandoned machinery on the road in the field.

Tanks, trucks broken.

Killed, ruins, giant funnel.

Antwerp from the air.

Oil tsistserny fire.

The fortress on the island bombarded.

Monument to the fallen in World War 1

Key words

World War 2, Norway, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines World War 2, Belgium, air force, tanks and troops

Reel №2

Fighting in Belgium.

German vanguard in the vicinity of Antwerp is fighting.

From anti-tank guns inciting.

German soldiers are moving forward slowly.

The fighting in the port.

German guns are shelling the city.

Crossing the river by boat.

Motorcycle platoon.

Ferry with German soldiers.

Prereprava motorized columns.

Marines on bicycles.

The burning oil tanks.

Hanging of the first orders of the German commandant.

Soldiers resting after battles: sleeping on the sidewalk.

On the lawn there are anti-aircraft guns in the background cathedral city.

Battle of Leuven.

The opening artillery fire on the town.

Tanks and infantry are on the offensive.

Frustrated conveyor dead Frenchmen.

Further progress of the German troops.

On the streets of motorized infantry.

Street fighting.

German soldiers make their way through the ruins.

Maintenance of machine-gun fire.


Scold German soladty.

Town Hall.

On the pavement plunge "lion" - a symbol of the city.

Hanging Nazi flag.

Go column technology, cavalry, artillery wagons.

The assault on Brussels.

Street fighting on the outskirts of the city.

Installation of barbed wire and mines.

Sappers on mine clearance.


Anti-aircraft guns.

Brussels with the aircraft.

Below - German marching column.

Residents on the streets

Key words

World War 2, Belgium, troops, tanks, fire, artillery, cavalry, sappers, Air Force