Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1935 № 29

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Reel №1

Reel №2

Polish Foreign Minister in Berlin.

Colonel Beck, accompanied by German commanders bypass the guard of honor.

Laying wreaths at the monument to fallen soldiers on the Unter den Linden.

Beck is pleased to complete the negotiations with the Chancellor


Goebbels speech and award diplomas officers.

Goebbels and reyhsarbaytsfyurer Heerlen closeup.

officers sing

German veterans in France.

Paris, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe.

Decorated streets, the eternal flame at the monument to the unknown soldier.

Story of German veterans with raised hands in greeting.

Laying wreaths

The competition at Wimbledon.

The game on the court.

Tennesist talks about the ongoing fight for the Cup

Berlin Zoo.

The minister released the site of giant walrus, pouring it from the hose.


Walrus in the pool

Showing new tracksuits.

At the pool tower climbs woman in a bathing suit.

Several women demonstrate in front of the camera swimwear

The game of golf.

USA. Man throws put to each other balls without touching the legs of a woman who is sitting nearby.

One ball he throws a jar of water on a stand

fire equipment exhibition in Dresden.

Fire engines rush to the fire, drove up to the burning building.

Firefighters pushing ladder directed Guns.

The building is in a cloud of smoke

The record for flight duration.

Aircraft over the forest, from one to another stretch hose: Thea's brothers zaprvlyayut aircraft in the air, thanks to one of the brothers in the air for 3 weeks.

Communication with the family on the radio: a wife and a child talking to a pilot

Italy, Monteverdi brothers are going to fly on a plane from New York - Rome.

Immediately after takeoff, the plane crashes from a low altitude to the runway

Berlin, a boxing match between Max Schmeling and bass Paolino.

Boxers welcomed the audience.

Spectators cheer




Speaker reyhsordnungsministr Dr.


The pond and playground.

Dancing in traditional costumes.


Lay of the floor

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Zeppelin.

Tribune emblazoned on the scene.

Portrait of Ferdinand Zeppelin, the inventor of the dirigible.

The airship of its design in the air above the Brandenburg Gate.

Airship over the city.

Hall, the audience.

Tribune, above it hung from the ceiling airship

Mussolini in agricultural work.

Golf, on a large haystack before the microphone Mussolini, stripped to the waist.

Behind the girls in straw hats

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Reel №3

Mussolini in agricultural work.

At current.

Among the farmers in the car Mussolini lays wheat foot.


Fly New York - Paris.


English pilot Paolo Fyus talking to the mourners at the plane through the interior extends into the cabin.

The plane takes off, flying over the city.

Landing at Le Bourget airport in Paris.

Fyus out of the plane, he was greeted photographers

Day of the Air Force in France.


At the airport, fly airplanes, perform aerobatics.


Anti-aircraft artillery on maneuvers.

Installation of anti-aircraft guns on the parade ground.

Actions calculation.

On the wire appears moving the layout of the aircraft.

fire on him from all the guns


Wehrmacht Championship.


The best athletes of the Wehrmacht at the stadium.

Competitions in pistol shooting, swimming in the pool, discus throwing, start sprinters

World Championship Handball.


Olympic Stadium.

In the field of German and Swiss teams

The celebration of the 2000th anniversary of the German culture.

Hitler bypasses built by troops, the commander of the parade salutes him.

View of the hall.

Hitler from the podium talking about January 1933. Students achievements of the German people.

The large German exhibition.

Hitler and his entourage at the exhibits.


Hitler goes from room to room, down the stairs.

His welcome.

Hitler emerges from the exhibition building.

Decorated street.

It begins costume parade that reflects all the stages of development of the German people.

Hitler and Goebbels watching the procession.


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