Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1938 № 53

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

The meeting of the Reichstag.

Hitler made a speech on the accession of the eastern provinces.

The movement of German troops on the outskirts of Vienna.

Page of the newspaper "Volker Beobachter" - a big headline "Hitler's triumphant entry into Austria."

motorcade with Hitler.

The streets of Vienna.

A rally in front of the town hall

Hitler's visit to Rome.

Hitler and Mussolini in the parade.

Hitler on the teachings of the Roman Campagna.

Fleet Parade.

Hitler and Mussolini on the cruiser.

Seeing Hitler at the Rome train station

Launching of the cruiser "Prinz Eugen".


Admiral von Hort at the ceremony launching the cruiser.

Hitler and Hort in the shipyard.

Arrayed troops.

Tribune with high-ranking guests.

Hort breaks on board a bottle of champagne.

Cruiser coming from stocks

Record flight of "Condor", a solemn meeting of the German pilots at the airport of New York

Munich Agreement.

The representatives of Germany, Italy, England, France.

Newspaper "Folkisher Beobachter" published a report on the signing of an agreement on the Sudetes.

Events in the Sudetenland.

Login German troops into the Sudetenland.

City Krumau, residents welcomed Hitler.

Travel around the city

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