Bavaria Tonwoche 1937 № 15

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Reel №1

Entrance to the Berlin Cavalry Regiment, traveled all over Germany for the purpose of funds for winter aid campaign.

Directions to the town hall.

The colonel gave a report

Construction of country houses for employees in the construction of the Zeppelin people.

Construction: among the pines are almost finished houses

Strikes in America.

Workers picket in front of the factory.

police intrusion

Construction of motorways.

The drawings for the construction of the dam.

Imploding works

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Germany, Cavalry Germany, Construction US strike, workers, police Building

Reel №2



Demonstration maneuvers Berlin fire brigade.

Fire trucks lined up in a row.

Retractable ladder to climb.

Firefighters climb on them.

Raising forces and means of fire brigade vehicle sank in the Spree.

Watering hoses, and burning cars.

Rescue ship "Hindenburg" in the bay

Munich surroundings.

Young people learn to work.

Children from Hitler collect recyclables.


Young cadets learn seamanship: knit knots, rowing on the boat, the boat pulled up on the ropes, drayat deck, their classrooms, bedrooms.


Children practice in archery

On the field, the Cowboys demonstrate the ability to travel the wild horse, handle a bull

Franco-German border.

German border guards check documents at the airport.

In the hall is a baggage check.

customs officers work with a large consignment.

One of the passengers is something found in the boot.

Border guards on the highway.

Passenger car, ignoring signs to stop, stop the tape with thorns, cast iron "hedgehog."

USA. Police, border guards practiced shooting with a revolver.


German soldiers firing light artillery at targets

Returning Mussolini from Libya.

Caravan of military courts.

Above the ships - aircraft in the ceremonial flight.

On board the destroyer, where the Duce, built a team

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