The Performance Proceeds.. (1966)

Film-document №6307 2 parts, Duration: 0:20:16, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kryakvin E.

Operators: Buslaev U., Gutman I., Kryakvin E., Usanov V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


On the gilly actors' life.

Temporary description

Kinonablyudenie the life of circus performers "Chapiteau": actors rehearsing before the submission of an arena, grimiruyutsya. The audience at the presentation of the circus. Speeches artists: gymnastics, rope-walkers, jugglers, acrobats. Parade alle circus performers.

Reel №1

Sign and lighted advertising on the building of the Moscow Circus - LS., PNRM.

The final parade of circus performers in the arena - LS.

Circus lights go out - MS.

Remove the poster - LS.

Truck with circus props leaves the court circus, rides on wet from the rain the streets of Moscow - LS. (Early morning).

Suburban highway wet from the rain - LS. (With motion).

Surf in Crimea, on the rocks waves break - MS., CU.

Artist, sitting on the beach, drawing - MS., LS.

The narrow streets of a small southern town - LS.

The water fountain bathed pigeons - MS.

In the crack circus buffoonery drop adults and children - MS., CU.

The musicians tune up - MS., CU.

Prepare to play circus arena.

In the courtyard, where the circus wagons and property, are preparing for the play - different.

A man bathes the white dog - MS., CU.

On the boat are the aerial gymnasts - LS., MS.

The audience - sailors - CU.

Workers prepare for the play arena - MS., LS.

Rehearsing at the arena circus - different.

Reel №2

The arena rehearsing Jumpers - LS., MS.

Empty circus - LS.

Spectators at the entrance to the circus and took seats - MS., LS.

Grimiruetsya artists are preparing to go on stage - MS., CU.

The circus lit spotlight presentation begins.

Speakers: trapeze artist, tightrope walkers vaulting, aerial gymnastics on trapezes - LS., MS.

Performed number "Rhine wheels" - different.

The audience - MS., CU.

Behind the scenes, the free performance of the actor playing checkers - MS., CU.

Juggling act - different.

Under the big top - air gymnasts - LS., MS.

Playing jumpers - LS., MS.

The audience applauded - MS.

All the artists come to the arena, bowing - MS., CU.

Clowns remove makeup - CU.

Artist smokes - CU.

Wet highway - LS. (With us).