Bavaria Tonwoche № 31 (1938)

Newsreel №63073, 1 part, duration: 0:12:15, black-white

Reel №1

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Official reception in honor of the visit of the King of England.

King sailed to Versailles on a boat on the Seine.

The reception at the palace.

Lunch for many people.

King, President Lebrun and guests.

Guests perform a dance in period costumes.

In the park of Versailles, the royal couple watching choreographic miniatures.

Big parade in honor of the King of England.

Pass the infantry units, naval units, Moroccans, motorcycle parts, tanks.

The planes sky

Take off the aircraft carrier with the main plane on the fuselage.

Branch of the aircraft in the air.

He over New York.

Landing 3 days after the flyby of the Earth.

The triumphant emergence of pilots.

Spectators cheer

Douglas Korigov, has flown across the Atlantic and landed in Ireland, warmly greeted in New York


Sportsman's Day.

Raises balloons.

The plane of the old design, the aircraft in the form of a dove, "crane".

The aircraft company "Lufthansa" demonstrates the achievements of the aviation industry.

City View, Nazi symbols, decorate the city.

The parade of athletes

Celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Richard Wagner.

Wagner House.

Arrival to the Goebbels' house with his wife.

Line up the boys from the Hitler Youth.

Hitler in civilian clothes, the girls presented him tsevty.

Hitler in the window at the bottom of the cordon holds back the crowd.

Women weep with emotion, shouting "Heil"

Rally in memory Klagenforte.

On behalf of Hitler, Rudolf Hess, honors the memory of those killed in the eastern provinces of the members of the National Socialist movement.

Hess speaks.

In the forefront of the hall, Robert Ley and other National Socialists.


Parade in front of the US Navy by President Roosevelt in Golden San Francisco Bay.

Air Cruisers

Racing on the Grand Prize of Germany.

Machines on the track.

Brauchitsch change the wheel.

Fire machines.

By car, changing axis.


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