Bavaria Tonwoche № 52 (1937)

Newsreel №63118, 1 part, duration: 0:11:13, black-white

Reel №1

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1937 - the second year of a 4-year plan.

Smoke from the pipe, turning the wheel, being excavated.

Preparation of cement works bucket excavator.

Hitler proiznosti speech about the German community.

Travel on the highway racing machines.

Plane takes off.


Wurster sets record on the plane "Messerschmidt".

The new helicopter flies Professor Focke.

The aircraft for the flight across the Atlantic

Main events in 1937.


German Pavilion at the World Exhibition.

Sculpture at the entrance.

In the exhibition halls

Industrial Exhibition in Dusseldorf.

Her visits Goering with the delegation, working machines, forging press, rolling mill.

There is a flood of pig-iron.

Labor Day on May 1.

Adorned with Nazi symbols Berlin.

The street passing motorcade of cars, on the first of them Hitler.

Hitler rides to the stadium.

Are building the ship "Wilhelm Gustloff".

At the rally, Hitler is present.


Holiday songs lovers.

Women in national costumes greeted Hitler, which stands on a high podium, pulled her arms to him.

The Party congress of Nuremberg.

Marsh SA units.

Hitler welcomes the marching columns.

USA. The clash between strikers and strikebreakers in one enterprise.

Police disperse protesters.

Far East.

Intensifying conflict between Japan and China.

Shelling Chinese territory from the sea.

Japanese troops in the occupied Chinese territory.

Waterlogged ships.

Drop downed aircraft.

Go fights between Republicans and Franco.

The Spanish refugees.

German cruiser "Germany", which was made by Ibiza terrorestichesky act of republican bombers Spain.

On the cruiser flag at half-mast in memory of the victims.

The deck is 31 coffin.

At the cemetery, Hitler says goodbye to the dead.

The disaster with the airship "Hindenburg".

The airship floats over New York.

The fire on landing


Funeral of President Masaryk.

President on camera shortly before his death.

The funeral procession in Prague.


Funeral Ramsay MacDonald.

MacDonald on camera shortly before his death.


The coffin was carried out of the Cathedral

Coronation of George VI in London.


Proclamation of 6-year-old prince the King of Egypt


First Anniversary "verfrayhayt" - freedom of conscription.

Hitler's voice-over, a demonstration of German military power.

The visit to Berlin the Duke of Windsor and his wife.

Lord Elipeks attends hunting exhibition in Berlin.

A visit to the Berlin premiere of Hungarian background Baranja and inostannyh Affairs Minister von Kanya.

Parade of the Italian Fascist Youth to Hitler.

Friendly visit to the Duce in Germany.

Travel by car with Hitler.

The rally at the stadium in honor of Mussolini.

Hitler made a speech on relations with Italy and National Socialist Movement

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