Ostland Woche № 23884 (1942)

Newsreel №63255, 1 part, duration: 0:08:47, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Labor groups Latvian company RAD is marching on the road with shovels in their hands.

The labor camp in the woods.

Bugler blows collection of barracks sprint boys, are being built.

Physical exercise.

Detachment marches to build fortifications.

Go earthworks.

Lunch break.

Latvian volunteers in the barracks.

A soldier reading a newspaper "Teviya" (Fatherland), the title can be seen on the offensive on the Volga.

Volunteers write letters home.

Soldiers riding bicycles on the road.

The streets are individually soldiers and women in the military and civilian clothes, going to the hotel, they sit in the hall, reading newspapers, drinking beer, smoking.

Agricultural work near Riga.

Combine on wheat field.

Commissioner Riga and Madona districts Joachim Fust inspects the work of farmers.

Women and teenagers are cleaned wheat for mowing, knit bundles.

Fust with agronomist looking ears.

Hay in stacks.

Soccer match in Riga, moments of the game, clogging goals.

Girls are taught the radio operators.

They sit on benches in the open air in front of teacher who gives them an explanation on the board.

Girls wearing headphones, listening to a message in Morse code transmitted by one of them and write text on the leaflets.

Several girls are ferried in a boat to the other side of the lake, the radio set in the woods and catch a connection with a portable radio, which is located in the courtyard.

Rest of girls, they run to the lake, swim.

Sunday rest inhabitants of Budapest in a park.

People bathe in the swimming pool, sunbathe.

Boys jumping from bridges into the water, children are busy in the sand, pour water in buckets.

On the river floats steamer.

People near the fountain.

In Berlin, the event is run guys make the action model yachts.

The crowd on the shore watching the descent of boats to the water.

Traditional festival in honor of the Swedish national poet and composer of the XVIII century Carl Michael Bellman.

Festival takes place on the water: in the old galleries and numerous sailing boats participating in the holiday period costume characters of his poems, rowing boat sailors.

Festival in Stockholm, moving down the street a procession, marching girls with flags, peasants with ears.

Bicycle racing in France.

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