Your Faithful Friends Are With You, Vietnam. (1966)

Documentary №6352, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:21, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Podgoreckaya O.
Camera operators:Grachev I., Sologubov A.


About economic aid to the struggling Vietnam.

Temporary description:

Landscape of Vietnam. Address by President of the People's Democratic Republic of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh on one of the rallies. The construction of the mechanical plant in Hanoi, the chemical plant in Lamthae, in Uong Bi power plant with the assistance of the Soviet Union. The students of the Hanoi University of Technology in the classroom in the classroom, in laboratories. The fighting of the Vietnam People's Army, including rocket unit against the U.S. aggressors. Meeting in Hanoi, President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, AN Kosygin, who had arrived for a visit. Kosygin and President Ho Chi Minh during the interview and signing a joint communique. Types of Leningrad. Compiling generators for a power plant in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at the Leningrad plant Electrosila. Manufacturing of various devices for DRV in the Tbilisi plant Agat. Presentation of Vietnamese students studying in the Moscow Energy Institute diplomas Institute. Seeing graduates at home. Packaging and shipment of products for the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The motor ship with a cargo departs from the port of Novorossiysk. Training of Vietnamese pilots in one of the flight schools of the Soviet Union. The opening of the Bucharest meeting of European socialist countries on the issue of Vietnam.

Reel №1

Photographs depicting the peaceful life and the struggle of the Vietnamese people against U.S. aggressors - MS., LS.

Muscovites at the window with a photo - MS., LS.

The young man in the street reading a newspaper "Izvestia» - CU.

"Izvestia" newspaper and other newspapers with the Statement of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR at the growing U.S. imperialist aggression in Vietnam and other items in support of Vietnam - MS., CU.

Demonstrations of solidarity with embattled Vietnam in the Soviet Union - LS., MS.

Vietnamese landscape with palm trees.

Pass the Vietnamese peasants - MS.

The flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam - CU.

On the podium of the DRV President, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, state and party leaders of the country - LS.

The people welcomed their government - MS., LS.

Construction of industrial plant - construction site - LS.

Soviet and Vietnamese working builders - MS., PNRM.

Building a chemical plant in Lamthao - LS.

Shop factory - LS., MS.

Work at the controls - MS., H

The gate to the courtyard and the building of the Hanoi Mechanical Plant - MS.

Steelworks - LS.

Vietnamese metallurgists in the steel furnace, near the mechanical hammer Glow The bar - LS., MS.

In a career working excavator - LS., CU.

Power line - LS.

The room, a control panel and the power station Uokg Bee - LS., MS.

Vietnamese is a tractor - MS.

In the working peasants - are different.

The streets of

Hanoi - LS.

Students are institutions engaged in the classroom and laboratory - are different.

Gentle surf at the shore - LS.

Cows graze in the meadow - LS.

Flying bird - LS.

American planes fly.

Planes bombed the town.

Explosions on the ground (removed from the aircraft).

A woman looks out of the shelter - MS.

Burning house.

Soldiers running with rifles, shooting at American planes with rifles and guns - are different.

Drop shot down enemy aircraft wreckage on the ground.

6-9.02.65 city

Hanoi Street - LS. the top point.

Living on the streets warmly welcome the Soviet delegation headed by AN Kosygin - MS., CU.

The visit of the head of the Soviet delegation to Ho Chi Minh.

Ho embraces AN Kosygin.

Sit, talk, Ho Chi Minh, AN Kosygin, CPSU Central Committee Secretary Yu Andropov and other members of the Soviet delegation.

Presidential Palace (exterior) - MS.

The signing of the joint statement of the Soviet Union and the DRV, which condemned the U.S. provocations against the Vietnamese people, a statement signed by AN Kosygin

And Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, the presence of Ho Chi Minh City, state and party leaders of the DRV and members of the Soviet delegation - MS.

Monument to Peter I in Leningrad.

Cruiser "Aurora" - MS.

Department of the Leningrad plant "Electric power", where the hydro-made to order for the powerful hydroelectric DRV Thak-Ba - LS.

Factory worker makes a stencil lettering on the container with cargo for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

The current model of hydropower Thac Ba installed on the Volga - LS., MS.

Baku hydropower engineers, who designed Thac Ba, test the model - MS., PNRM.

About the Plant Thak-Ba says one of her designer Alexey Stadnik (synchronously in an office at a desk, and the card) - MS.

Photographs depicting the construction of hydropower Thac Ba, the help of Soviet specialists taking part in the construction - MS.

Assembly and testing of coal-loading machine, made for the North Vietnamese mines in Kopeisk Plant.

Kirov Urals - LS., CU.

Slogans in the shop: "You and I, Vietnam" and "speed up the release of machines for the heroic

Vietnam »- MS.

Assembly machines for Vietnam in the shop of the plant.

Assembly equipment for Vietnam at the Tbilisi plant "Agate" - are women - LS., PNRM.

Hands in - CU.

MSU in the Lenin Hills - MS., PNRM., Top to bottom.

June 1966

The facade of the building of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, go out the door a few Vietnamese students - MS.

Presenting diplomas MEI five young Vietnamese professionals - MS., CU.

Vietnamese professor pin badge - MS.

Vietnamese teachers and diplomas are photographed on the memory of Moscow - LS., MS.

Russian girl is photographed on the streets of Moscow, PNRM. two Vietnamese Graduates from MEI, sitting by the fountain - MS.

Protection degree of Vietnamese students at MSU - LS., MS.

Seeing the apron Yaroslavl Station young Vietnamese specialists - graduates of MEI, leaving home - MS., CU.

Mourners on the platform does the train - LS.

American planes bombed the territory of Vietnam.

Vietnamese extinguish burning home.

Destroyed bridge over the river - MS.

Vietnamese restore damaged power line.

On the way are camouflaged machine - LS., CU.

Trucks sent to Vietnam from the Soviet Union, w / d platforms - LS.

Reel №2

Vietnamese restore American bombers destroyed bridge - LS., CU.

On the restored bridge is Vietnamese with bicycles - MS., LS.

Road vehicles manufactured in Rybinsk, machines for construction projects, which will be sent to Vietnam - LS., MS.

Pouring condensed milk on the conveyor Sukhonsky milk factory, packing cans of milk in boxes to be sent to the DRV - LS., MS.

Soviet women packed in boxes to be sent to help the struggling people of Vietnam fabrics, warm clothes, etc. - MS.

A woman writes to the address box, "" Vietnam, Hanoi »- CU.

The Port - LS. the top point.

To fit boat dock "Simferopol» - LS.

Motor vessel at berth - MS.

CSDF cameraman shoots Ivan Grachev - MS.

Interview ship captain Anatoly Romanovich Pirogov about sailing in May and June 1966 in Hai Phong (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Nearby is a senior aide Anatoly Malygin - MS.

Lifebuoy with the NDP "Simferopol» - CU.

Loaded into the hold of the ship tractors, fertilizer bags - different.

Ship in the sea - LS. (Summer).

The Kremlin Palace of Congresses (CDS) - a building - MS. (Autumn).

The room during the meeting of the XXIII Congress of the CPSU - LS.

Congress acts on LI Brezhnev - to support the Soviet Union fighting the Vietnamese people (synchronous) - MS.

At the congress are: the first secretary of the Workers' Party of Vietnam Le Duan, a member of the Central Committee of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Binh (synchronous)

- MS., LS.

Delegates applauded - MS., LS.

Street of Bucharest - the top point.

Area of ​​the city - LS.

July 1966 the table sat the meeting of the Political Consultative Committee - the Warsaw Pact - LS., MS.

Sign the papers for the meeting: Todor Zhivkov, Walter Ulbricht, W. Gomulka, Jozef Cyrankiewicz, Nicolas Ceausescu, LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, etc.

Sitting: Defense Minister Rodion Malinovsky, Soviet Foreign Minister AA Gromyko, etc.

On w / e platform tools, the Soviet Union sent to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam - MS., PNRM.

It takes a train with guns Shrouding - LS., MS.

Next to the building of one of the oldest Soviet aviauchilisch stand in formation Vietnamese military pilots, trained in it.

Vietnamese pilots in practical classes at the airport, under the leadership of the Soviet experts are learning to drive a supersonic aircraft: sit in the cockpit, fly a plane - MS.

Vietnamese pilots at the gym, on the catapult - MS.

The command post of the airfield - at the microphone Soviet officer - MS.

Military aircraft in the air - LS.

Soviet and Vietnamese pilots at the airport (summer).

Supersonic aircraft "MIG-21" at the airfield (some of them sheathed) - LS. (Summer).

Missile units VPA in action: fighters run to rocket launchers, rocket led to the firing position - LS., MS.

Rocket - CU., PNRM.

Gunners at sea and on land are firing anti-aircraft guns - LS., MS.

Drop off and downed enemy aircraft - LS.

The explosion on the water - MS.

The remains of a downed U.S. aircraft - MS., LS.

Vietnamese around the wreckage - CU., LS.

In the evening, the streets of Hanoi is wheeling a car captured American pilot, residents expressed their outrage - different.

Female corpse - MS.

One of the U.S. cities - LS. the top point.

Protest against U.S. aggression in Vietnam - in the Soviet Union and abroad - different.

Pass fighters VPA - MS., CU.

Banner of DRV - CU.

The newspaper "Nhan Dan" - a body of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Workers, an article in the newspaper, the Vietnamese translation of text - MS.

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