Tonwoche № 314 (1936)

Newsreel №63837, 1 part, duration: 0:11:51, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The arrival of the Minister of propaganda of Germany, Dr.

Goebbels at the Venice international film festival.

Goebbels out of the plane, he meets the Minister of culture of Italy, Dino Alfieri.

Bypassing the guard of honor.

Goebbels with his wife sit on the boat, ferried to Venice.

Guests of St.

Mark's square, they are visiting cathedrals.


The first time this year the German whaling ship "the Yang Wellem" is sent to the Antarctic.

Catching whales with a harpoon, and the fishermen shot out of a cannon.

USA. The visit of the Japanese warships in the port of new York.

Ships go around the Bay with skyscrapers in the background on the shore.

American soldiers produce honorary salvo of guns.

American Admiral coming on Board Japanese ship.


The competition of the Polish lancers in the city of Luque.

Cavalrymen gallop to cut the vine.

Fancy riding.

Ulan jump, standing on the shoulders of two horsemen, the riders jump back forward. "Attack" cavalry, horsemen galloping, standing on their horses.


The famous French pilot Marcel Dore demonstrates a mastery of aerobatics.

Take-off light aircraft, Dore waving from the cockpit, carries a shape in the air.

A parallel survey: in the earth at this time is spinning the dog.


The civil war in Spain.

Biased footage of the "red torch over Spain".

The streets of Madrid rides a motorcade accompanied by cavalry.

The arrival of the Soviet Ambassador Marcel Rosenberg.

Rosenberg among the crowd, people raise their hands, clenched into a fist.

Train with the Republicans goes to the front in the hand with a clenched fist. "Red" the Navy does maneuvers in Mallorca, the sailors on the deck. "Atrocities" of the Republicans: the bombing of Madrid, the bombings in the city, people running down the street.

Ruins of buildings, hospitals.

People from the rubble, carry the wounded.

Released Madrid, the Nazis marching young boys in black uniforms, girls in military uniform.

Children raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

The occupation of the city of Irún Franco's troops.

The cavalry riding.

On the border with France, the gathering of refugees from Spain.

The people at the station, crossed by boats and boats.

Driven carts with things.

RAID the Republican aircraft, bombing.

The explosions in the city.

The soldiers at the barricades.

Are injured on a stretcher.

The soldier is a girl.

The Franco troops on the positions, the tanks.


The Nazi party Congress in Nuremberg.

City views, old buildings, streets decorated with Nazi symbols.

The stadium, the parade of troops, in front of a military band, drummers.

Parade on city streets, people look, smile, pulling his hands.

The arrival of Hitler to the Congress.

Hitler bypasses, followed by Himmler, generals.

Hitler gets into car rides standing, greets people.

Moving motorcade through the streets.

The car stops at a building, Hitler opens to a balcony.

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