Tonwoche № 318 (1936)

Newsreel №63841, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:12, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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USA. The German hydroplane company "Lufthansa" in new York.

The takeoff of the seaplane from the ship, flying over the sea.

Takeoff using the catapult.


The opening of the dam connecting the island of rügen with the mainland.

The city of Stralsund on the coast, to the port moored ship "Altefahr".

Marina embellished with swastika flags, garlands.

Meeting on the occasion of the opening of the dam, he spoke.

The dam is a train, people waving hands.


The heroes of the Alcázar.

Patrols of Franco's troops seized control of the streets of Toledo.

The town in ruins, burning houses, soldiers are walking among the ruins.

General Franco and officers: major Mendes, General, Moscardo in the Alcazar, look at the broken fortress.

Prisoners sit Republicans.

Walk among the ruins of the weeping women with children.

Soldier removes from the ruins of a horse loaded with sacks tied on top of the Turkey.

Are refugees with things.


The riots in London.

The street is a demonstration of the British fascists, supporters greeted them with a wave of his hands.

Supporters of the Communists raise their hands, clenched into a fist.

Through the crowd goes double-Decker tram, crush.

Mounted police disperse the demonstrators.

The leader of the British fascists, Mosley among the crowd.


Key words

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Germany, 1936, dams, rallies
Spain, 1936, ruins, fires, soldiers, personalities, military leaders, prisoners, refugees, women, children
England, 1936, riots, police, personnel, fascists, Communists

Reel №2

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Police beat protesters, the people were scattered.

Police officers are arrested, wounded demonstrators.


The construction of motorways in Germany.

Construction is under way.

New road.

Another building, soldiers on the work.

New home.

RAD soldiers marching with shovels.


Propaganda story on waste.

The boys eat the sandwiches, not having finished, throw in the trash.

Housewives throw bread, spoiled food, sprouted potatoes.


Harvest festival in Germany.

Farmers harvested wheat field, plowing with horses.

Posts with may garlands and ribbons.

The harvest festival in Buckeberg.

The reception of Goebbels, sitting at the table the peasants, Goebbels speaks.

People go to the rally.

Peasants in their national costumes.

Soldiers stand next to the girls, talking.

Down the aisle through a crowd of marching flag bearers, followed by Hitler, Goebbels and officers.

Hitler shakes the hands of the peasants, is the podium behind him, Goebbels, Himmler.

Wehrmacht soldiers carried out demonstration maneuvers on the occasion.

Flying planes, riding tanks, conduct a training battle.

Plane jumping parachutists landing on the field.

Hitler's speech from the rostrum, are Goebbels, Himmler, Italian General.

Key words

England, 1936, the police, the demonstrators, wounded
Germany, 1936, the highway, the soldiers, GOOD
Germany, 1936, a propaganda story, waste
Germany, 1936, holidays, peasants, agricultural work, horses, Goebbels, rallies, Hitler, military leaders, Himmler, maneuvers, tanks, air force

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