Tonwoche № 319 (1936)

Newsreel №63842, 1 part, duration: 0:11:01, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Germany, Hungary.

The funeral of Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula gömbös by.

Personnel news: Gembes in uniform on the doorstep.

Mourning ceremony in Munich, where he died Gembes of kidney failure.

Soldiers carry wreaths, there are boxes with bowls, in which the fire burns.

To the government building fit Hitler, accompanied by Goering, officials, diplomats.

Are widow and son of the deceased.

The coffin was placed on a gun carriage.

The funeral procession moves through the streets of Munich.

Moving to Budapest.

View of the Parliament building, where the memorial hall exhibited the coffin of the Prime Minister.

The soldiers are paw with awards of the Minister.

Admiral Horthy leads the funeral procession through the streets of Budapest.

Lead the horse in a black blanket.

Goering in the funeral procession.

Residents watch the procession.

The funeral of the Prime Minister.

The 30th anniversary of the international motor show in Paris.

The building of the showroom.

President Lebrun arrives at the dealership.

In a huge pavilion are the cars of different brands and countries, the details of the car.

Test rig for tires.

New cars on the streets.

The woman opens the top of the car, sits and rides.

Male for lady opens a car door, sits by himself.

Car ride around the city.

Animated picture: a man rides in a vintage car, racing a modern car.

The movement of vehicles on the highway.

Scheme of production of cars per year by country: in the USA - 3 500 000, in Germany - 325 000, in England - 225 000, in France 160 000. International racing.

Race sports cars, shooting out of the car.

Ahead of Caracciola and spectators at the track.

German race car drivers Pieces, Rosemeier.

The stages of the race in the fog.

Federal Chancellor of Austria Schuschnigg was present in the test tanks.

Tanks overcome natural obstacles in the terrain.

Schuschnigg, the military and civilians watched from the hill.

Tank smashes the speed barrier of logs, poles, the layout of the house.

The maneuvers of the American fleet in California.

A view of the aircraft carrier from the air.

On the deck sailors perform various commands.

They line up on the deck in the form of the word “NAVY”.

Beginning maneuvers.

The view from the plane on the flotilla ships.

The siren sounds, the ships allowed a smokescreen.

Aircraft support vessels with air.

Red terror in Madrid and Barcelona.

Madrid trucks go with the Republicans.

Residents raise their hands, clenched into a fist.

Bus rides with the soldiers on the roof.

Girls in the truck lift up rifle.

The destruction of the city, the building has burned cars, houses piles of broken furniture and paper.

A car with armed Republicans stops in the square with the barricade.

Republicans destroyed the Church, from the Windows billowing smoke, littered fragments of Church utensils and decor.

The Republicans are dragging the Church utensils and icons to the area where the burn them at the stake.

Republican soldiers with rifles in hands crouched on the steps of the building.

The Church soldiers decorating the statue of a Saint in a hat and Cape.

On the gate hangs the Republican flag.

The führer opens the campaign "Winter aid" 1936-37.

Hitler's speech from the rostrum in the hall.

Panorama of the hall with the residents and the military.

The Presidium of Goering, Goebbels, Ley and others.

At the end of the speech the Fuhrer sounded a long applause.

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