Tonwoche № 320 (1936)

Newsreel №63843, 1 part, duration: 0:11:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

France honors the memory of the dead on a sailing ship “Pourquoi pas?” ("Why not?"), sunk during a storm in the Icelandic sea.

On the pier there are rows of sailors and soldiers.

Arrival of the steamer with the dead bodies, coffins descend to the shore.

A crowd of residents on the waterfront.

The funeral ceremony at the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

The coffins mounted on a pedestal near the Cathedral, a wreath from the President of the Republic.

Plate with the names of the victims.

Are the relatives of the victims in mourning.

President albert Lebrun shaking hands with them.

The ceremonial passage of troops.

Winter sport in Bavaria.

Skiers in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, they are on the snow with skis in hand.

At the start of the flag with the Olympic logo.

Ski slalom, ski jumping.

Near ski resorts sit at the tables of tourists.

Communist riots in London.

Past the crowd marching police.

Police are lining up along the road, which is anti-fascist demonstration.

From the Windows see the residents.

Demonstrators hold placards.

Printers need to stop publishing lies, go to the railroad, former state employees.

Poster: "Let the Blackshirts continue to hide."

Mounted and foot police order, are arrested demonstrators.

Madrid before the release.

Demonstration of Nazi youth on the streets of Madrid, residents welcomed them.

Propaganda posters of the Republicans on the wall, posters of the red militia, which protected the peaceful labor.

Archive footage of combat training of the red militia.

The police examples of the form.

The Republicans in Barcelona, they're coming in trucks, waving flags.

A ship in port, where there are "red generals".

Closeups of generals sitting at a table with a bottle of wine.


Game story: "Everyone needs to read Newspapers".

The lady looks at the sky, behind her and all the other bystanders fixed his gaze upward.

A man shows them the newspaper, which reported that the lift of the airship was held at 7: 00, and all the spectators have gone home.

The feast of the Roman police.

The audience in the stands of the open stadium watching the performance of the motorcycle policemen.

Mussolini sitting on a white horse, watching the spectacle surrounded by generals.

There is the chief of the German police Daluege.

Riders perform various stunts and exercises, passing between the ranks of horses.

Athletes in white pants and t-shirts perform mass exercises with rifles in their hands.

Horse racing with obstacles.

Demonstration of maneuvers, police shoot from under a lying horse.

Run cereals standing in the line of horses.

Policemen perform acrobatics, standing on horses.

The football match Germany-Scotland.

Team run out on the field, the German athletes raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

Is the draw.

Moments of the game.

Rugby match in Ohio.

Athletes line up on the field with the word "Ohio."

Fragments of the match.

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