Tonwoche № 322 (1936)

Newsreel №63845, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:10, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The ceremonial meeting in Berlin.

Hall filled with military and civilians.

The aisle are Goering, Goebbels, they are greeted with screams.

Goering goes to the podium and announces a new four-year plan.

His speech illustrated scenes: plowing with horses, the field is the sower, the ear wheat field.

A continuation of speech.

Goebbels at the podium.

Close-UPS of individuals: Neurath, Blomberg, Lay, the big Industrialists.

Again personnel news: smoke pipe mills, Steelworkers working at the furnace.

Military parade: fly planes, drive tanks.

Goering finishes his speech, coming to Goebbels and Hess.

Key words

Germany, 1936, Goering, Goebbels, Hess, sitting, agriculture, military leaders, statesmen, personalities, industry, parade

Reel №2

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Celebrating 10-year anniversary of the victory of the Nazis in Germany.

The street car rides with Goebbels, he goes in front of the Reich Chancellery, the people on the street waving their hands.

The guard commander gave a report.

Goebbels bypasses the formation of soldiers, a crowd of inhabitants coming to the building.

To the input of the approaching car, to the entrance making bouquets of flowers.

The Arrival Of Goering.

Hitler walks down the street, followed by the generals and the Admiral, enters the building.

The Fuhrer goes to the balcony, the crowd below welcomed him.

Night torchlight procession, go ahead-bearers, marching soldiers.

Goebbels takes the salute.

Personnel chronicle of the recent history.

Elections in Berlin, on the streets of crowds.

On buildings banners with calls to vote on 9 August.

A banner on the building: the leader of the Communist party of Ernst Thalmann.

A propaganda poster with the desire of victory of the Soviet Union: the barrels of guns turned on Moscow, on the map the Moscow inscription and drawing of a hammer and sickle.

People walk past the tables with posters and placards read.

The Communist demonstration.

Passing mounted police.

Lie in the street leaflets.

In the printing of Newspapers.

The title of the newspaper "Angriff", dated March 16, 1931: "Police oppose Goebbels."

Newspaper from January 29: "Berlin remains red!".

Newspaper of November 4, 1929: "the Police and the national socialists provoked".

Rallies in the streets, playing Goebbels.

On the street marching with Nazi flags.

Young people at the house waved my arms in the Nazi salute.

Goebbels delivers a speech among colleagues.

Residents pull your hands up.

Rows of soldiers lined up in the square.

The soldiers carrying banners with swastikas.

Goebbels speaking at a night rally.

Faces of the soldiers.

The speech of Goebbels in the sports Palace in Berlin (with sound).

Listeners react violently.

In the sitting room of the residents, the soldiers.

Goebbels speech about the victory of national socialism, the führer.

The shout of "Sieg Heil!", he comes down from the podium.

The aisle is Hitler, Goebbels behind him.

Hitler's speech about the party.

When finished it, he goes to the podium, shaking hands with Goebbels.

Hitler pulls his hand in the Nazi salute.

Sounds like a fascist anthem.

Key words

Germany, 1936, celebration, Goebbels, Hitler, statesmen, personalities, Goering generals, torchlight procession, the elections, the Communists, the police, printing house, printing, meetings

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