Tonwoche № 336 (1937)

Newsreel №63852, 1 part, duration: 0:12:58, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The construction of the airship "Hindenburg" in Friedrichshafen.

The body of the airship in the woods, there is an installation.

The fundraising campaign "Winter aid" on the streets of the German city.

Campaign marches of soldiers in old uniforms, cavalry, trucks.

Among the crowd of collectors with mugs in their hands.


Wedding of the eldest son of Mussolini Vittorio on Ursula, the daughter of a Milanese merchant.

The bride and groom leave the Church.

Benito Mussolini with his wife escorted the young.


King of Sweden Gustav V, while in Brussels, we visited the Cathedral to lay wreaths on the graves of king Augustus and Queen Astrid, who was his niece and died in 1935 in a car accident.

Check out king in a carriage from the Palace to the Cathedral, the inhabitants of the capital welcomed the monarch, waving flags.

Gustav V of Sweden walks to the Cathedral, then out of it.

Tokyo stevedores to hold competitions for weight lifting.

Porter raises his hands on a few boxes and a bale of hay, lying on the chest of the longshoreman placed a platform, it installs and loads up a few people.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Koki Hirota visits his father, he painted a scroll with hieroglyphs with wishes of success to his son.

Free way from Versailles by rail.

There is a train Reichsbank.

Dorpmuller delivers first speech as Minister of Railways on the opening of new roads and means of communication.

The holiday railroad in Berlin.

Are soldiers with banners.

Marching railroaders. 20 thousand railway workers gathered in the square in front of the Reich Chancellery, on the balcony of Hitler, Dorpmuller and others.


German boxer Walter Neusel wins in London.

Moments of the battle.

Map of the USA. After the flood of the rivers Ohio and Mississippi, a huge area was under water.

The view from the height of the flooded area.

The city of Louisville is flooded with water, the city of Pittsburgh, too.

On the streets of Cincinnati cars drive on water, firefighters pumped water.

The submerged town of Kennett, swirling water.

A man swims in the boat, picks up the birds with fallen trees.


Bobsleigh at Cortina d'ampezzo.

Spectators watch the descent of the sled.

The British beat the Italians.

In the Alps costumed down the mountain on skis, chasing each other.

A man riding on skis upside down.

Carnival in Munich, the street is a procession, men riding bicycles, birds.

Selling sweets to the public.

The column of Indians, the layout of the castle, elephant, blowing trunk of confetti, people wearing masks of clowns.

Strange car that jumps on the go.

Carnival in Cologne, a procession through the streets of the city.

Are people wearing them on the huge figures of dolls, trucks go with the layouts.

People dance, hug, throw confetti.

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