Tonwoche № 341 (1937)

Newsreel №63855, 2 parts, duration: 0:11:55, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

USA. The strike of Department store saleswomen.

Women sit in the shop, play cards, sew, dance.

Women carrying up the stairs the mattress, put the mattress in a row and go to bed.

Germany. 60th anniversary of Dr.

Frick, the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany.

Frick goes through the alley, he was greeted officials.

In the hall of the Ministry of Frick, I congratulate the staff and guests.

Freak thanks for the congratulations.

The Windows in the courtyard, a military band played.

Freak out on the balcony.

Germany. 2nd anniversary of the universal military service it is noted in the Ministry of aviation.

From the gates of the building faces a military band, marched down the street.

Parade, marching flag bearers, soldiers.

Reich Minister Goering bypasses the formation of soldiers.


The performance of a family of acrobats: 2 women and a man.

Man performs acrobatics, climbing up on the extended hands of women.

He makes a stand, it sits on the twine.

Stand on her head.

The man leans on the heads of the two women standing at full height, then they fall to the twine.

A view of the port, the ships at the Wharf.

From the boat to shore out Mussolini arrived in Libya, Italian colony, he passes the guard of honor.

With the Governor of Libya, General Balbo, Mussolini sits in the car.

A motorcade of motorcyclists leaves from the Marina.

Residents of the city of Tobruk welcome the distinguished guest, the Arabs play national instruments and sing.

Demonstration of the local population.

Children clap their hands, smiling.

Mussolini, Balbo and the military are on the street.

Arriving at the airfield, Mussolini sits in the plane and flying into the Divot.

Residents welcomed the Duce.

The mast raising of the Italian flag.

Mussolini raises his hand.

The bridge, decorated with the Italian flag.

Motorcade going down the road.

Hanging welcome banner.

Mussolini, standing rides in the car through the crowd.

People dance, play musical instruments.

The Mullah raises his hand in a Nazi salute.

Mussolini, Balbo and military go to the mosque.

Travel through the streets of the city, the population welcomed them.

And graffiti: "Duce".

Key words

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In Potsdam took place the launching of models of warships "Tannenberg" and "königsberg".

On the pier the sailors.

Demonstration of the model of the ship in detail.

On Board smash a bottle of champagne.

Layouts are launched.

People are pulling hands.

The sailor on the deck of the layout.


Demonstration of autocomlete in action.

On the way the car rides autosomal, yet without wings.

He drives into the hangar, where he attached the wings.

Avtosamit takes off, hovers above the ground.


The classic run in California at Santa Anita.

Top view of the Racecourse.

Check out the jockeys on the horses.

The spectators in the stands watching the races through binoculars.


Key words

Germany, 1937, ship models
USA, 1937. invention, automotive
USA, 1937, horse racing, pet animals

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