Tonwoche № 347 (1937)

Newsreel №63857, 1 part, duration: 0:12:08, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The arrival of Italian journalists in Germany.

Ranks are the youth in the form of, residents welcome the guests.

Journalists raise their hands in a Nazi salute, sit on the boat.

View of the city on the shore.

The leader of the Italian fascist youth organizations Renato Ricci arrives in Munich on a plane to meet his military Reichswehr Schirach.

On the mast the flags of Germany and Italy.

Richie lays a wreath at the graves of the heroes in the memorial.

Ranks are boys in the form of Hitler.

The meeting of young workers in Gelsenkirchen.

A banner at the plant: "We welcome the Italian youth."

Buglers play.

Richie and Schirach bypass the ranks of the youth place on the podium.

Bearers marching. pnrm. on the line, big plans.

Schirach speaks on friendship with the Italian youth, welcomes Richie, shaking hands with him.


Sport the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, running on a winter field training on swimming in the pool.

The building of the infantry school from the gate out soldiers with weapons on his shoulder, marching down the street.

The soldiers near the field kitchen, the cook pours into the pot soup.

German actor Aribert Moog visited one of the locations of the Berlin garrison stationed in the Olympic village.

He's talking to a non-commissioned officer about the diet of the soldiers, he talks about how the soldiers delayed helps fat.


From the enclosure with the bears crowding the audience.

From the cave out bear with four cubs.

The cubs are trying to climb the stone steps, playing with each other.

The little bear can't climb the step mother picks him up by the scruff and lifts up the audience laughs.

The coronation of George VI on 12 may 1937 following the abdication of his brother Edward VIII. Close-up of a Royal crown.

Military parade in London before the king, in front of the cavalry.

Royal carriage driving down the street.

Early chronicle: the Royal guard on horseback, leaving the Palace of the Royal carriage.

In the carriage sits king Edward VIII, Queen.

The people welcomed the Royal couple.

In front of the camera posing king George V in uniform, George VI. The Royal family is on vacation.

George VI spends day off with family out of town, they walk the dogs by the lake, feed the ducks.

Princess playing with a dog, ball, Elizabeth, with a smile watching the daughters of the king takes them on a film camera.


Count Luckner makes a world tour on a sailing ship "Sea devil".

Sailboat in the port of Stettin.

Close-up of a sailor, on his cap the name of the vessel.

The count down on the ship, says goodbye to his wife.

Sailors fold the ropes on the mast, hoisted the swastika flag.

Luckners climbs aloft, waving his cap.

The ship hits the road passes the lighthouse.

Sounds the horn.

In Tokyo hosted the launch of a Japanese aircraft making a record flight to Europe.

At the airport there is a crowd.

The priest conducts the ceremony, the sky let out pigeons.

The pilots of the plane, the women bring them flowers.

On Board the inscription "Asahi".

The plane lifted into the air, across the field flying balloons, people waving flags.

Summer day in Paris.

The pilots of the aircraft.

Written on the Board the names: Dora and card sign of spades, Cavalli and sign diamonds.

Aircraft perform aerobatics, and the spectators look at the sky.

The descent of parachutists.

The parachutist shows a special suit that inflates in the air.

An accident with a famous American skydiver Clemson, he's not the parachute to the crash site, people are fleeing.

Airplanes performing aerobatics.

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