Tonwoche № 348 (1937)

Newsreel №63858, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:43, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The newly opened children's zoo in Berlin.

Children in cages playing and feeding cubs of animals.

Girl feeding goat, the other stroking the rabbit.

The children in the cages.

Girl hugging a lamb.

Children in the pen with the..


The working model railway for adult fans.

Men watching the movement of toy trains, one of them at the controls.

Trains pass bridges, tunnels, and stations.

Funny car race in California.

Racing vintage and unusual vehicles on rough terrain.

The car enters the hill from the cabin out one of the drivers.

The girl rolls on the machine with a Smoking pipe, it twists the wheel, opens the hood, there belching steam from boiling water.

Cars go on the field.

Sports training course for noncommissioned officers of the Wehrmacht in Wünsdorf.

The soldiers in the courtyard of the barracks of the fighting, in pairs, perform gymnastic exercises.

Throwing a heavy ball to each other.

Soldiers creep on the chain between the legs of comrades.

Jumping with an emphasis on beams, jumping, Jogging on a log, jumping over standing friend, somersaults on the Mat, jumping over the backs of the three standing squatting comrades performing flips.

a national plan for the development of the economy.

The Grand meeting in the hall opens Goebbels.

Holiday of the German people.


The opening of the exhibition: "Give me 4 years" at the end of His speech illustrate frames: landscapes of Germany, the new highways, the construction of houses, the production of cars.

Photo of Hitler among the people, Goebbels campaign "Winter aid", women, heroines, people who eat "eintopf" in the area of travelling workers vouchers of the organization K. D. F. people near the exhibition hall.

Hitler comes to the exhibition, followed by Ley, Goebbels.

Diagrams, photographs, posters, models at the show.

The layout of the Academy of the German Reich, the German house at the world exhibition of 1937 in Paris.

Hitler and Goebbels are on the territory of the exhibition.

It is necessary to order the teenagers in the form of Hitler.

Model tanks, trucks, machine tools, printing machine.

The layout showing the size of donations.

Footage showing the concern the country's leadership on the workers.

On the river floats tour boat with the workers, people dancing on the deck.

Train organization "Strength through joy" workers hits the road.

A spring pole with a wreath and ribbons.

Smiling girls with wreaths on their heads.

At the airport the plane lands with the working delegation.

Solemn meeting with leaders of manufacture.

Hitler and Ley bypass line workers, shake hands.

The motorcade of cars with Hitler through the streets decorated with banners.

Hitler, Goebbels, Ley balcony of the Reich Chancellery, welcomes the crowd.

People shout, pulling his hands.

Demonstration of workers in Berlin, a top view of saprogenous area.

Youth rally at the Olympic stadium.

The ceremonial passing of youth groups on the tracks of the stadium.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Marching sailors and soldiers.

Top view of the stadium, on the field there are columns.

The stands are full of Hitler youth.

Goebbels speaks, remembers the Hindenburg, says about work, discipline.

On the podium, Hitler youth leader Schirach, he welcomed Hitler reports he provides the word.

Hitler addresses youth with speech.

The show of the guests in the stands, among them the leader of the Italian fascist youth Renato Ricci.

The applause after the speech of the Fuhrer.

Hitler rides in the car on the track, pulls his hand.

Youth rejoices.

Ceremonial meeting of reichskulturkammer.

May 1, 1937.

The emblem with the image of a child standing on a Nazi eagle.

Goebbels speech at the ceremonial meeting of reichskulturkammer.

Behind the back of Goebbels on the scene located a Symphony orchestra.

Goebbels speaks to the German culture, the award of national film award, Emil Jannings (he's in the bed) and the national literary award Frederick, Bethe.

The Fuhrer speaks in Lustgarten.

Out of the building for Hitler and his entourage, walks past the soldiers.

The motorcade with the Fuhrer moves to Lustgarten through the Brandenburg gate on the Unter den Linden.

On both sides of the street a chain of soldiers and crowds of people.

People are encouraged to meet Hitler in Lustgarten.

Bearers marching, soldiers with standard.

In the background soldiers ' ranks a little boy waving a flag with a swastika, another boy POPs out from under the boots of soldiers.

The building with columns-bearers take their places.

Hitler goes up to the microphone, delivers a speech to the German people.

Closeups Blomberg, Joseph Goebbels, Leah, Siraha.

After finishing the speech sounds fascist anthem.

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