Tonwoche № 355 (1937)

Newsreel №63863, 1 part, duration: 0:13:08, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The civil war in Spain.

The Liberation Of Bilbao 19.6.1937. Fighting government troops against the Republicans.

Shooting artillery.

Flying airplanes.

View of the city, the port, the broken bridge.

Barricades in the streets.

A mother and child fleeing to the shelter.

The town consists of German part, the people joyfully greeted them.

Tank on the street are armored vehicles.

The Spanish nationalists with the slogan in his hands.

Distribution of food to residents.

From the Windows welcomed the passing detachments of the fascist wave.

German heavy cruiser "Deutschland", which was attacked on 29 may by the Republican air force in Spain and have lost in killed 23 sailors returned home.

The arrival of the cruiser with the coffins of dead sailors in the port of Wilhelmshaven.

The men in the ranks in full dress.

Flags with swastikas.

Rally in the rain, playing the Admiral.

It encourages considered dead sailors as an example of sacrifice in the struggle, in which important duty, not the life of the funeral of the victims, laying wreaths.

Hitler lays a wreath, suitable to the family and friends of the victims.

Coffins lowered into graves.

Cruiser on the roads.

1200 representatives of the Italian young fascists visited Berlin.

On the square built groups of young fascists.

The Fuhrer is in the car.

Hitler and the leader of the youth of Italy Ricci bypass the ranks.

Rally of friendship between Italy and Germany.

Hitler in his speech said that they have all the prerequisites for building a great future - from national unity to national power and national authority that together we can resist Bolshevism.

The troops in the square, faces, banners.

Sound anthems of both countries.

Service HAPPY to helping farmers in agriculture.

Of the gate leaves the squad HAPPY on the bike.

Time with a shovel at the ready.

RAD soldiers in the field, the farmer shows how to make weed seedlings.

Fighters on all fours working the singing.

Racer Rozemejer prepares for a world record in the race car on the motorway Frankfurt - Darmstadt.

Set the record speed: 393 km/h.

Stages of the run are recorded and transmitted by radio.


American soldiers on military exercises.

The wedge rides in the dirt on rough terrain.

On the field burning smoke grenades, soldiers come to the area of the smokescreen.

Artillery field exercises.

Shoot guns, soldiers cover their ears.

After the exercises the soldiers sit on the trunk of a huge cannon.

Qualifying race of the American yacht.

Yachts in the sea, top view.

The wind inflates the sails.

American athletes Olympic candidates in training.

The diving tower in the pool.

Jumping rapid.

Jump a few people jump together.

Comic jump.

At the Olympic stadium in Berlin is a football match between the German teams Schalke 04 and nürnberg, the game is in the rain.

Fragments of the game.

Fan rings the bell with the Olympic symbols.

In the box for honored guests, Reich Minister Hess, leader of the Italian fascist youth Richie and Reich Minister of sports chammer-Austen.

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