Tonwoche № 359 (1937)

Newsreel №63866, 1 part, duration: 0:11:35, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Day of German culture in Munich.

The city is decorated for the occasion.

The house of German culture, facade with columns.

Gauleiter Adolf Wagner arrives at the occasion, speaks in the hall.

On stage the orchestra, singing the chorus.

The speech of Goebbels on German culture.

Sitting in the front row Hitler close-UPS of spectators, among them Goering, Hess, and Blomberg.

Hitler's generals bypasses the formation of soldiers at the House of German culture.

On the red carpet, he climbs the steps, the floor.

Standing on the side Goering, generals.

The audience welcomed the Fuhrer, pulls hands in a Nazi salute.

Hitler and Goering with his entourage walks to art exhibitions.

On the walls of genre paintings (the sower, the family at the table), sculpture work, girl on a Dolphin, cranes, deer, bust of a soldier, a portrait of Hitler and others.

In the hand programme: "2000 years of German culture".

Costume parade on the streets of Munich in honor of this date under the slogan "German history in the visual scene."

Ride the platform layouts.

Four horses driven a huge boat, she is accompanied by soldiers in raincoats.

Close-up of Hitler in the audience.

The layout of the head of Athena.

Girls with jugs on their heads.

Riding ride riders with drums, beat fraction, followed by the trumpeters.

Close-up of a smiling Hitler and Goering.

Marching girls in uniform, girls in national costumes among the spectators.

Go riders with the banner of the swastika.

Hitler, Goering, and behind them the spectators raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

Young people are in Roman outfits with torches.

The riders are holding poles with an eagle on top.

The procession complete troopers.

King George VI visited the Caernarfon castle.

England, Carnarvon, medieval Caernarfon castle, decorated with national flags.

Pipers piping.

The George VI fit old master of ceremonies, holds out the tray of papers, the king takes one.

Together with Queen Elizabeth, the king is prepared for them to the dais, welcomed the passing of the officials, and then bypass the crowd of people.

George VI and Elizabeth on the balcony, the crowd welcomed them.

A national holiday in France.

Over the triumphal arch fly airplanes.

President Lebrun and other officials attended the parade, marching soldiers, sailors, Alpine troops with skis in hand.

In the sky the planes cockpit.

Top view of the passing parade.

Marching colonial troops.

In the stands of the French military, the representatives of the colonies.

Colonial cavalry rides in front of the stands.

Top view of the street, riding cars, tanks, mechanized artillery, armored vehicles.


In Florence held a competition gondoliers.

Gondoliers, standing on the nose of the big gondolas sitting in it with people trying to throw each other into the water with poles.

Equestrian competitions.

Closeup of legs of a rider to boot, threaded in the stirrup.

In Berlin pass military-sports competition of cavalry at the Olympic stadium.

Equestrians take the hurdles.

Lieutenant Brinkman wins the honorary prize of the führer.

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