Tonwoche № 375 (1937)

Newsreel №63875, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:48, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Nazi celebration in Munich on the anniversary of the "beer hall putsch" of 9 November 1923.

Along the alley with solemn step stelae are of different Nazi units, heading to the memorial in honor of the dead.

Sound the names of the victims of the Nazis: albert Leo Schlageter, Karl Kuhn, Karl Lafort and others.

The names on stelae, upstairs in the cupboard is a fire.

The troops stop in front of a few people with banners.

The wreath laying ceremony, Hitler correcting ribbon on the wreath.

A street procession of the Nazis, in the first row of Hitler, göring, Blomberg.

Troops at the memorial to him are wreaths, a close-up of a wreath from Hitler.

Hitler comes to the graves of Nazis.

The officer read out the names in the symbolic verification, wreaths.

Among the Nazis are Hess, Himmler.

Hitler is on the ground with tombstones.

Starts the rally, he spoke, offering to commemorate fallen soldiers and to remember the events of the past days.

A number of bowls with a burning fire, the Nazi eagle.

A moment of silence.

Reich Minister Hess arrives in Italy to meet with Mussolini.

Square Aprille filled with people.

Mussolini and Hess on the balcony of a huge tower, Mussolini speaks.

In Brussels hosted the 9th international conference of European countries about the relationship between China and Japan.

The hall meetings are the foreign Ministers of different countries, in a hurry English Minister Anthony Eden.

Near the Palace are the Ministers: the Soviet Minister Litvinov, the Japanese Minister, the Chinese Minister of Israel and others.

The narrator notes that Litvinov is trying to hold the old Bolshevik tactic.

The hall, the signing of the agreement.

Key words

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Reel №2

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Italy's accession to anti-Comintern Pact.

Rome hosted the signing of the Italo-German-Japanese Pact, it is signed by extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Germany, Ribbentrop, count Ciano, and Japanese Ambassador Hoth.

Closeup of the text of the document and the signature.

The Ministers in front of the camera next to Mussolini.

In the framework of the "Winter aid" in the area of the Eastern Hanover sent the composition with potatoes.

The train arrives in Hamburg, where the potatoes will be transported by ship to Hamburg.

In Berlin the campaign of collecting donations among the workers.

In piggy drop the money.


Training Teens in the College of agricultural aviation.

Young men in suits doing exercise in the fresh air, marching marching to the school building.

Practical training in the shop at the bench, the press, the guys doing the welding, forging.

After work the guys wash up and have lunch.

Opening of international hunting exhibition in Berlin.

At the entrance is the sculpture of a deer.

Columns in the courtyard tied to hunting falcons.

The arrival of Goering at the exhibition.

In the pavilion on the wall hang the antlers, is a stuffed Buffalo.

Goering delivers a speech in the hall, on the first row among the audience, Ley, Himmler, Rosenberg.

Map of the hunting grounds of Germany around the world, including in Africa.

Exhibits: stuffed antelope, leopard, tiger head on the wall, the heads of the antelopes with horns, boar heads, a stuffed lynx, the polar bear.

Goering near the wall with antlers.

Stuffed vulture, bison, porcupine, bear skins, stuffed birds, a grizzly bear, lion.

Visitors to the exhibition halls.

Recruits-recruits in Potsdam.

Recruits in the ranks, they are given uniforms.

The soldier applies to the body of the pants, they are too short, soldiers to measure the pants, laughing.

The officer tries on the soldiers helmets.

Cavalry on maneuvers.

Soldiers riding on horses in a circle.

The recruit tries to climb on a horse, he can not, he jumps into the saddle with the help of a friend.

The first attempts of riding, drop.

Cavalrymen ride chain, some fall, there was a chorus of laughter.

Key words

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Germany, 1937, educational institutions of professional, children
Germany, 1937, exhibitions, hunting, Goering, Himmler, statesmen, personalities
Germany, 1937, recruits, cavalry, Pets

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