Tonwoche № 403 (1938)

Newsreel №63896, 1 part, duration: 0:11:52, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Began restructuring the major German cities.

Start of construction in Munich, which after 7 years of age must acquire a completely new look.

In the city centre will be rebuilt above ground and underground transport hubs.

He will not only be cultural, and industrial center.

The streets filled with people.

At a rally dedicated to the start of construction, comes the Hitler.

It bypasses troops lined up, greeted with the city administration.

Worker runs machine for laying gravel.

Preparation for new buildings in Berlin on the plan of Dr.


Man cuts off the branches of the dumped tree, several people using ropes to pull the gun.

Workers leveled the ground, remove the stones.

On the new road going cars.

The tasks of the national socialist party and the Fuhrer for the modernization of the city.

New construction in the capital: the construction of the government quarter.

On Potsdamer Straße.

The view from the top of the old house, which destroys the machines, the workers remove the debris.

The welder works.

A car driven debris, break Kyle walls and stones.

Passers-by watching the destruction of the house.

Falls wall.

Herbert von Dirksen, former German Ambassador in Tokyo, is sent to the residence of king George VI for the presentation of credentials.

Diplomats with their wives in anticipation of a guest.

Instead of background Dirksen in Tokyo appointed Ambassador major-General von cu Tr.

He goes to the residence of the Japanese Emperor to present credentials.

From China home the boat the ashes of the dead Japanese soldiers.

Them escorted the military.

Motorcade going down the street, the Chinese bow their heads.

Sending the train in Japan.

Station in Japan.

At the memorial ceremony arrives, the Emperor's brother Prince Chichibu.

The Japanese military with the Prince go to the temple.

The Prince comes to the table with ritual objects, candles, where he paid tribute to the fallen soldiers.

Widows receive the urn at the ceremony

Training American submariners in a special room that simulates a submarine.

Practiced measures to rescue the sailors, sunk in a submarine.

Rescue workers wearing life jackets, masks, and down under.

The actions in case of accident the boats.

Cameraman with a camera gets into the air bell, descends into the water and relieves the actions of the sailors.

The students in masks come up to the surface by a safety rope with the balls through the hole.

Exhibition of thoroughbred dogs in Rome.

In front of the camera dogs of various breeds: bulldogs, dog, dogs, spaniels and others.

A woman holding a small lapdog.

The dog next to the Cup.

Labrador with puppies.

USA. Clay pigeon shooting in nature.

Men and women shoot from a small caliber rifle.


Competitions in sport piloting in Berlin.

A map of Germany indicating the locations of the airfields: Konigsberg, Dresden, Breslau, Hamburg, Hannover, Erfurt, Nuremberg and others.

The schema of the destination in Vienna-Aspern.

On the airfield the German General is talking to a man. pnrm. the aircraft.

Pilots look at the map of route, sit in the car.

The mass departure.

Army competition SS in Ebensburg.

Soldiers of different units and begin to walking in full gear.

Soldiers of the battalion "Leibstandarte "Adolf Hitler" out of the camp, marching on a forest road bridge, pass by the farm.

The peasants watched the movement guys.

The soldiers jump over the cart.

They are stages on rough terrain.

At one stage they are met by girls in aprons, trays mugs with drink.

Soldiers climb over the fence.

They overcome obstacles: ditch, jump to the platform with dirt.

The finish line, where they met with residents and companions.

Himmler smiles, shakes hands with the commander of the detachment.

International motor race in Tripoli.

Views of the city.

Training of drivers to start.

Marshal Balbo comes to German drivers Manfred von Brauchitsch and Rudolf Caracciola, shaking hands with them.

Moments of the race.

The views of the fans on the side of the road.

German riders in the lead, the winner is Hermann lang.

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