Tonwoche № 407 (1938)

Newsreel №63899, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:30, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Sports on the solstice in the Waffen SS standard "Germany" in Taurus.

Fencing, running, shot put, javelin, long jump.

Shooting at a moving target.

Soldiers marching through the woods in full gear, down to the river on a steep cliff, cross it.

Agility on the ground.


Derby in Germany, Berlin-Mariendorf.

Moments of the race, the emotions of the audience.

Wins Leon Charminar.

USA. California, surfing in the waves off the coast.

Athletes race on the boards at the waves fall.

The pair on the Board.


On the river, Umealven is alloy 8 million of the felled forest.

Congestion rafting on the river.

The bridge jam of logs.

The view from the plane on the river, saprogenous forest.

The water in many places rose and flooded the village.

At home in the water during the flood.



King Gustav V of Sweden celebrates its anniversary - 80 years.

Boats in the Bay, king in military uniform on the boat, the sailors rowed to the shore.

The king goes ashore, he is met officials, residents of the city.

The Banquet in the Palace.

One of the guests taking pictures of the king, it closes with a napkin.

King prancing on the horse on the parade ground.


The maneuvers of the Czech army in the Sudetenland in a few weeks.

Soldiers in the mountains, at the barracks, they wear masks.

Soldiers talking with an old lady at home.

Working field kitchen, soldiers receive porridge, there are children watching.

A pointer to Saxony on the Czech and German languages.

A sentry on duty.

Closed the gate on the border, the border guard looks through binoculars.


Civil war. 12.6.1938. Every day the planes arrive the Bolsheviks of Spain and the Soviet Union, but Franco's troops pushed them on all fronts.

Lesson castellón troops Franco.

Driving trucks with soldiers, the people raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

The people rejoice in the liberation from the Bolsheviks.

Soldiers ride on a tank.

General Aranda welcomes residents, it embraces the old man.

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Reel №2

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The crowds in the square of Berlin are columns of soldiers down the aisle are Hitler, Goebbels, generals.

Hitler fit children give flowers.

Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, generals standing on the podium.

Stroy of troops PLEASED with shovels.

Screening of construction sites on the map of Berlin, sounds Goebbels speech: "July 14, 1938 - a special day in the history of the construction of the Empire opened a new stage in the development of Berlin architecture.

Today will be the Foundation of the building of the new Reich Chancellery at wilhelmstraße.

On the axis from West to East will be laid of a new building of Tempelhof airport, Victory column, in terms of the campus, where there are various institutes and dormitories.

Created large-scale construction program of 1938.

Today will start from 60 different points.

We can all be witnesses of this monumental project."

Goebbels speech illustrated scenes of construction.

Hitler lays the slab in the Foundation of the building of the Reich Chancellery.

He symbolically knocks with a hammer on the stove.

Are earthworks.

In the diagram, the House of German tourism, its layout and construction.

The Streets Of Berlin.

Work on Potsdamer straße.

In the diagram, the municipality building, its layout and construction.

The construction of the tunnel under the river spree to the metro.

Key words

Germany, 1938, Hitler, Goebbels, generals, Himmler, personnel, construction of buildings, construction of tunnel

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