Tonwoche № 412 (1938)

Newsreel №63904, 1 part, duration: 0:11:53, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In the Ostmark arrives, the Deputy Fuhrer of the party Rudolf Hess, he is greeted by the military and the residents of the city.

Hess speaks in memory of German soldiers who died in the 1st world war.

In Bayreuth Wagner hosted the festival, which celebrated the 125th anniversary of the great composer.

View of the city from a height, the emblem of the city.

The festival building approaching cars.

Out Goebbels and his wife, the Hitler in the white cloak, and other officials.

On the street a crowd cheering, a group of boys shouting, waving his hands.

Hitler looks out the window of the building, the crowd welcomed him, girls cry with emotion.

Hitler, in morning suit with a balcony.

Chief of the Italian police, General Rousseau visited the military airport in düsseldorf.

Motorcade passes by standing on the pitch of the aircraft and the line pilots.

Close-up of the pilot, saluting.

Russo climbs into the plane, inspecting it.

German squadron up in the air, produces elements of aerobatics.


On the water is the plane-uterus water skiing, on top of it as a small plane.

The plane lifted into the air, the top the plane off the bottom and makes a solo flight.

The American pilot Douglas Corrigan after a flight across the Pacific ocean on the native based in new York.

He gets out of the cab, smiling at camera, hand turns the propeller of the aircraft.

The meeting in new York the crew of the aircraft, to fly over the ocean in record time.

The plane flies above the city, sits on the airfield.

The pilots greet, the operator removes the meeting.

The crew in the car rides through the streets of new York city past cheering crowds.

In the air swirling Golden leaves and serpentine.

Car accompany riders and cavalrymen.

Official visit of king George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Paris (19-21.7.1938).

George VI lays a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier.

He rides around town in a car, accompanied by mounted guards.

The king welcomed the Muslim cavalry soldiers.

The Royal couple makes a boat trip on the Seine.

George VI and Elizabeth are sitting in the cabin of the boat along with the French President Lebrun, overlook the area.

On the Bank are sailors in dress uniform.

Along the promenade, the fountains started up.

Lebrun and the Royal couple in the Park, they are at the table, drinking coffee.

On the ground near the pond the performance of the ballet troupe.

Two girls open a large canvas, under it a group of girls in long dresses, they dance.

The Banquet at Versailles.

At long tables, sitting guests, the Royal couple and President Lebrun.

The waiters, dressed in vintage frocks, taking care of guests.

Lebrun talks with Elizabeth.

Dance ensemble performs minuet in period costume.

The Royal couple and Lebrun bypass the artists, those bow.

Parade before the Royal couple on the Champ de Mars.

Galloping cavalry colonial troops.

George VI salutes.

Marching colonial troops, French soldiers, riding tanks, mechanized artillery, motorcycles.

Seeing the Royal couple in England at the Marina.

George VI, Elizabeth and Lebrun pass the units on a ship, they climb to the upper deck, Elizabeth waving his hand.

Steamboat hits the road.

Racing at the "Grand Prix of Germany" at the Nurburgring.

The view from the plane on the track and the car.

Racers push their cars to start, scurrying around the fans.

Moments of racing, showing the route from above.

Leader Brauchitsch, however, his car suddenly lights up the motor.

Machine extinguish extinguishers and Brauchitsch continues to race.

The other driver, the car changing the wheel.

First comes the Englishman Siemens.

Brauchitsch is with the wheel in hand, it runs up to the audience, shaking hands.

Siemens with the winner's wreath, Manfred von Brauchitsch comes second.

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