Tonwoche № 432 (1938)

Newsreel №63920, 1 part, duration: 0:11:24, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Holidays before Christmas in Lustgarten /Berlin/.

Night illumination of Berlin, illuminated advertising.

Carnival procession through the streets of the city.

Overlooking the Lustgarten Park, illuminated by lights.

Saint Nicholas greets residents at the entrance.

Open the gates to the Park, walking the crowd.

Stalls selling toys, balloons, Souvenirs.

Rides: carousel, Ferris wheel, race on mechanical typewriters, etc.


Demonstration elegant ladies ' dresses in Berlin.

In the room in a chair sitting ladies, get up take turns, showing dresses.

The model in the white dress playing the piano, others listen to her.

A lady enters, takes off the hooded robe, offers her wine.


The performance of the Spanish dancer Manuela Del Rio at the Berlin theatre "Skala", a dance with castanets.

The concert will be held as a charity event.


English family of miners in everyday work underground, and on weekends can enjoy the air.

They act in nature as aerial acrobats were tightrope walkers.

Rooms with Perche in the hands of the acrobat jumps on the rope rope, handstand, a room with a chair on the rope, moving the rope Biking.


Egyptian king Farouk opens the monument to the famous Italian colonist Ismail in Alexandria.

USA. Ski resort in Washington state.

Skiers make a mass descent from the mountain, they fall.

Slalom with mountain views.

A skier tries to do a backflip on skis, falls.

USA. The competition of land forces vs of sailors in Philadelphia.

Parade at the stadium before 100 thousand spectators.

Moves across the field layout of the ship with the guns on Board.

Horse racing.

The wagon with the cage in her carry goat.

The game of Rugby moments of the game.


In Kiel is the descent from the slipway of the first German aircraft carrier.

On the pier by the building of the mariners are Hitler, Goering, Admiral Raeder.

Hitler on the podium. pnrm. on the ship.

Speech by Goering: "This is the first German aircraft carrier, which on the proposal of the Fuehrer called the "Count Zeppelin" and down to the water for the benefit of the German Navy".

Daughter of count Zeppelin, Countess Brandenstein, throwing the side of a bottle of champagne.

Opens the name "Graf Zeppelin".

The carrier is coming off the slips.

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