Tonwoche № 477 (1939)

Newsreel №63953, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:59, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene on the topic of the harmfulness of rumors.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig met with the young man, whispering in his ear a rumor about the disappearance of the coffee trade.

The turning to the hall to the audience, assured that we should not believe the rumors, and Ludwig reports that, according to rumors, the coffee is in Brazil.


In Madrid, the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers under the chairmanship of Franco, for the first time since 1936.

Norway. 18.-19.10.1939 in Stockholm hosted an international conference on the question of the British blockade.

The heads of government discussed how to reduce the catastrophic situation of the countries as a result of the blockade.

Journalists at the building, driving up cars.

In the courtroom are the king of Sweden Gustav V, king of Denmark, Christian X, President of Finland Calio, king of Norway Haakon VII.

Panama. 25.9 - 2.10.1939 at the conference in Panama there is the Republican party of the United States.

At the conference it was decided on the neutrality of all the States.


After between the USSR and Japan had resolved all border disputes on the border between Mongolia and Manchuria meet envoys with Japanese and Soviet sides.

A Japanese General, Kurimoto and Soviet General Potapov are in talks about establishing a new demarcation line for the troops.


After the liberation of the Eastern part of Upper Silesia from the poles of German engineers and technicians immediately took over the restoration of industrial enterprises.

Steel mills, which were built by the Germans and poles brought to complete ruin, delivered on track, commissioned the same blast furnace.

Volksdeutsche of the city of Katowice are raising funds for the construction of domain and mines.

For working women whose husbands are at the front created by kindergartens.

Children on the walk with caregivers, swinging on swings, slide down slides.

In Poland developing the sport.

Young people in the pool, the young man descends the stairs on his hands, jumps into the water.

A woman with a child in the pool.

The chain of young people wave jumping in the water.


After the departure of the French on the coast exposed to the German outposts two soldiers sitting on a hill watching the river.

Bunkers West of the shaft, the German soldiers marching in the bunker.

From the loopholes sticking the barrel of a gun.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Shooter with machine guns at the loopholes.

The wall of the hopper tables, the soldiers eat in the air.

The observer on duty.

German soldiers carry the speakers, set on the Bank for campaigning French soldiers on the French coast sweeps German music.


German soldiers help local farmers harvest grapes.

The soldiers helped the farmer to the mountain wagon with a barrel.

The grapes thrown into the press, a German soldier turns the handle of the press.

The soldiers helped the girls tie the scarf, apron.

Western front.

Japanese General Terauchi attends the German defenses on the Western front, which he described as a simple and acceptable.

He is among the officers looking at the telescope, comes into the hopper.

Western front.

Plaque French and British aircraft on the German positions.

Fly German aircraft.

Artillery guns set, light spotlight.

On the ground, three shot down by French aircraft.

German troops until October 18, captured 25 French officers and 664 of the soldier, they are on the field, around the village.

Stop in the village.

Prisoners smoke, spin winding on the shoes.

German soldiers photographed prisoners.

Prisoners truck.

The West shaft, gun ready, he starts pounding the French positions.

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Reel №2

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The German Navy in the campaign.

Return to the home port of the submarine under the command of günther Prina.

Sailors stand in formation aboard the boat.

Residents from the shore to greet the sailors.

The sailors on Board the cruiser waving their hands.

The Nazi flag flapping in the wind.


The plane with the sailors on Board landed at the airport Tempelhof in Berlin.

A crowd of residents and soldiers meets sailors down the ladder of command.

The faces of the sailors.

The commanders sit in the car, going to Berlin.

Residents welcomed them, throwing flowers.

The crowd at the Reich Chancellery, the police holding back the pressure.

The delegation of sailors sent to the Reich Chancellery.

Captain günther Prien stands before a microphone.

For seafarers is available wunschkonzert /concert tickets/.

Plays a Symphony orchestra.

The announcer is voiced by the application.

Rooms are interspersed with shots of newborns, children playing.

Hall with spectators and soldiers.

Concert listen to the radio, soldiers in camp.

The pilots sing in front of a microphone its March.

Flies German aircraft.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Key words

North sea, 1939, the Navy, the sailors
Germany, 1939, sailors, police, warlords, personalities, concert, Symphony orchestra, soldiers of the air force

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