Tonwoche № 478 (1939)

Newsreel №63954, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:34, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene about the benefits of a clear conscience.


One of the most famous ballet school at the Opera house in Charlottenburg.

Children of different ages in the gym.

Girls in the dressing room, one of them tying laces on shoes.

The performance of the two girls tap dancing.


Deer in the reserve.

The male roars.

A herd of deer crossing a stream.

A struggle between two males for supremacy.

A wounded deer emits a scream.

USA. Ships of neutral countries are equipped with identification drawings of their flags large size to be visible from the far distance, air force and Navy of the warring parties.

The American merchant ship "President Roosevelt".

Sailors paint the image of a huge national flag on the deck, applied a stencil pattern.

Seeing the ship.


On the model of Germany here introduced labor conscription.

Hungarian Nazi youth in the construction of new roads.

Young men marching to the place of work, digging earth, breaking stones.


The President of Slovakia, Dr.

Tiso arrives in the Slovak division, who fought on the side of Germany in Poland, he toured the operation on the machine.

Rewarding the soldiers of the division.

German General, Hershauer at the ceremony and at the parade, it is near the yew on the podium.

Go to the troops.

East Prussia.

Station Of Koenigsberg.

Here was the restored railway bridge, destroyed after the Polish campaign.

Reich Minister of Railways, Dorpmuller in the window of a train travelling on the restored bridge.

View of the landscape outside the window of the car.

The train moves on the railway bridge, the sappers on the bridge to greet the team.

The view of the driver.

Western front.

The commander of land forces, General von Brauchitsch on the Western front, it bypasses the formation of soldiers.

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Reel №2

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Brauchitsch bypass operation, produces the rewarding of soldiers.

The Western shaft.

An Outpost on the Western Valais.

Soldiers sit at assigned table at the bunker in moments of relaxation.

They sway and sing folk songs.

A group of soldiers playing cards.


Rhineland, Rhine view.

German propaganda to French soldiers.

German soldiers carry balloons, let them in the direction of the French, the balls spread leaflets.

A city on the French shore, overlooks the Cathedral.

A German soldier watches through binoculars.

German military band plays, the music that the radio on the French side.

Loudspeakers on the beach.

German soldiers stretched a huge banner with the inscription: "Why are you fighting?".


German soldiers in the excavation, building fortifications.

The French city of Strasbourg and Herbolzheim again taken by the Germans.

French bunker near the shore.

The ruins of the city, destroyed the houses.

The interior of the apartment in which lived the Moroccans.

The German soldiers removed the barricades, running down the street, firing guns at the door of the house.

The barricade of carts attached to one of the grenade traps.

The Germans undermined the cart.

Rush down the street, explosions.

North sea.

German airfield on the shore of the North sea, opened the hangar, seaplanes.

Technicians check the car, load the bombs.

The rise of German aircraft heading for England.

The pilots see in the sea over ships sailing the Norwegian ship, the German fishing vessel.

Finding enemy ships, the pilot transmits a message to the earth.

The pilots discuss the details of the task.

The pilot looks at a map of England, the aim is Scapa Flow in the North of the country.

The bombardment of the city.

Key words

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