Tonwoche № 482 (1939)

Newsreel №63960, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene of recruitment.

A young man sits in a cafe, waiting for Ludwig.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig quickly goes to the coffee shop, tells the man that he was in a hurry.

Seeing the unknown man, Ludwig is covered by the newspaper and said that this type seems to be watching him, perhaps to recruit.

The young man calms Ludwig that'll take care of the government.

Japan. 20,000 students gathered on naval maneuvers.

Warships at sea, the cadets have guns.

Anti-aircraft guns ready to repel an attack from the air.

Development of a landing on the shore.

Horse artillery galloping on a background of mount Fuji.

The gunners prepared the cannons.

Infantry attack.

Military training of the Hitler youth.

Marching a detachment of the "Hitler youth" with the song.

The guys in the ranks, face closeup.

The lesson in the classroom, the instructor conducts exercises on the model of rifle.

Target shooting on location and in the room.


Classes in kindergarten.

Children play educational Board games.


Exemplary of a giant pig farm, workers are preparing food from waste in barrels, spilling him to the animals.

Pigs out of the sty on the field.

Women work in the barn, they Ted hay, bran fed cows, milked them.

The export of manure to the fields, plowing with horses.

Key words

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Reel №2

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Despite the modernization of the army, horses still play a big role in some military branches.

Stables for horses motorized artillery of the German Wehrmacht.

The soldiers leading the horses, harness 3. Veterinarians monitor the health of animals, horses are treated the affected leg ointment, bypass horses in the stables, inspecting.


The issue of military leaves messages in the printing, the titles of new Newspapers.

The newspaper is created from materials sent from the front, and extends from West to East.

Typing on a typewriter.

As a typesetter with the font, sheets of newspaper go in the car.

Work looks finished paper.

Newspapers are Packed 500 pieces per bundle, loaded.

The Western shaft.

General Todt inspects the work processes in the construction of fortifications on the Baltic sea, it bypasses the system working.

Armband with the inscription "org.

Todt". 200 German and Polish workers have 6 months of work on the construction.

The awarding of Polish workers for work.

North sea. 76 the English courts were in the blockade of the German harbors.

The German Navy carefully protects its borders.

Border guard boats patrolling the North sea to stop the ship.

A German officer with the sailors smuggled in a boat to the English ship, climbs aboard, checks the documents.

Views of various foreign merchant ships, which checked the German guards.


Volksdeutsche arrive on the boat in the conquered areas of the Baltics and Poland for a new residence, carrying out the call of the Fuehrer, expressed in his speech of 6 October 1939 on the provision of German immigrants occupied Eastern territories.

People on the deck with things.

In port is loaded boxes, wagons, horses, etc.

Arrival to the Baltic States, families are greeted, fed.

Women from the red cross are helping displaced persons.

Issuance of documents on housing and ausvays arrived.

Station Posen (Poznan), people come out of the car, they are met by soldiers of the Wehrmacht, help.

Registration of arriving people.

Young people respond to the survey question get papers to work in the specialty.

Family Volksdeutsche arrives in a cart to the farm, inspecting his new farm.

Grazing cows.

Float on the pond and geese.

Key words

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