Tonwoche № 490 (1940)

Newsreel №63968, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:07, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene, played out by actors, directed against individuals, listening to English radio broadcasts and reading foreign Newspapers.

To the elderly man in the street Ludwig comes to visit his young friend, asks about the news.

Ludwig reports that England created the newest submarine, against which the German ships have no chance.

Buddy wondered where Ludwig this information shows that foreign newspaper.

Friend tears it apart, fold the scraps, and Ludwig assures that the format of the comic book, which can be attributed to this news.


Off the coast of the island Wakana Soviet ship "Indigirka" ran aground.

View of the cabin of the ship under the roll.

Rescue work of the vessel of Japanese ship, moving things on the shore along the rope.

Japanese steamship, the passengers of the "Indigirka" on Board.

Arrival on shore, the wounded carried on stretchers, are under the arms.

Venice, the traffic on the channel.

Italian Minister count Ciano and the Hungarian Minister of Chucky arrive by boat to the governmental residence.

Greeters welcome Ministers.

Ministers talking in the conference room, leaving the residence sit in the boat and sail.

In Berlin in the House of German art, an exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the German sculptor, Johann-Gottfried Schadow /rod.27.1.1850/.

Bust of the sculptor.

Author: the Quadriga on the Brandenburg gate, a bronze statue of General von Titten at Wilhelm's square in Berlin, Prince Leopold von Dessau.

Monuments on Herculanium bridge, paired sculptures of princesses Frederica and Louise in the Royal Palace in Berlin.

Technical training for adolescents, members of the organization "Hitler youth."

Technical club in Berlin, the boys collect engines.

The guys near the layout of the town, the instructor explains to them the rules of the road.

The work on the lathe.

Workshop for production of naval torpedoes and torpedo tubes.

Of the huge number of torpedoes.

Workers are placed on the torpedo stabilizers.

Mounting four guns.

Ready weapon put on a target.

Transportation of guns.

Austrian soldiers are holidaymakers in the Ruhr area of Germany.

They are on tour in the mine Oberhausen.

The descent into the tunnel at a depth of 609 meters, the soldiers are watching the work of miners.

Filling trolley with coal, the rise.

Loading rail cars.

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Reel №2

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The camp of the German Wehrmacht pow.

British prisoners captured by the Germans, the English submarines run out of the building, are in operation.

They smile, walk around the yard.

The Western shaft.

The view of the German fortifications.

Soldiers are entered into the hopper tables, strengthen and shelves for belongings.

Washbasin, Cabinet, where you store toiletries.

Soldiers on a nail hangs a portrait of Hitler, the other turns on the radio.

At leisure, soldiers play cards, chess, read books.

The artist paints the wall of the bunker, drawing a dog from nature.

Sounds like a Nazi song.

Western front.

One of the best observation points. pnrm. on snow-covered terrain.

Hence clearly there is a French Outpost.

In the background the figure of the sentry.

Rows of barbed wire.

Recon team moves through the abandoned French fortifications, he "no man's land".

Pointer with French inscriptions.

German soldiers from the commandos carefully go around the city, moving through the streets along the houses.

Soldiers on the go drink water from the column.

View of the square in front of the Church.

Providing German troops with ammunition and food.

View of the railway station.

The approach of the train with replenishment.

On the rails trains.

Unloading wagons: basket of potatoes, barrels, boxes of food, bottles of wine, carcass.

In stock: various boxes, bags.

In boxes Packed canned.

Look at the composition from a tank of fuel.

Small storage tanks.

There is a gas station, in Jerry cans.

Soldiers roll on the ground the barrels of fuel.

On the train platform to enter the tanks.

West Val view of the aircraft on the airfield.

The pilots in the cockpits.

A view of the different tools.

Coils of wire and cable for the bomb squad.

Unloading boxes of ammunition in the woods.

Soldiers loaded with heavy artillery shells.

A view of the crates of grenades. pnrm. on the guns, stand with rifles.

Guns on the Western Valais, the barrel of guns look out from the embrasures.

View of the bunker.

Key words

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