Tonwoche № 495 (1940)

Newsreel №63973, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:38, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Advocacy scene about the possibility of fraud when buying from speculators.

An elderly inhabitant Ludwig walks into his room with a young man in very high spirits.

He says that visited a wonderful place, where even in this time of war, you can buy anything and this happened because he received the letter of offer.

Friend reasonably said that such organizations specially created in order to trick these simpletons and that the letter is better to give to the appropriate authorities.

Ludwig solemnly opens the case, where lies a large bundle, which should be bought oil.

However, there is... a brick.

Winter in Berlin.

Despite snow drifts, in the capital continues with heavy traffic.

Drifts at the Brandenburg gate, in the Park.

Residents clear snow with shovels.

Men molded from snow sculpture - a team of horses.

Snow removal on the streets with teams with scrapers.

On the railroad rails warm special burners.

The work of snow plows.

In the Italian port of Trieste comes a passenger ship from German families expelled from East Africa after its conquest by the British.

People were given about 10 minutes to pack up belongings and sent on a long journey in winter.

The descent of the families on the gangway from the ship.

An Italian and a German charity have arrived colonists support, warm clothing.

Departure home by train.

North sea.

Lawless actions of the British Navy, a candid camera fan.

The English team moored to a Japanese ship for the search.

Abduction 21 German passengers of the ship with a Japanese hostage.


The violation of neutrality of the sea.

The German ship "Altmark" were attacked in a Norwegian fjord.

Diver descends into the water to survey the damage.

Damage to the ship: traces of shooting on the rail, on the skin.

The Norwegians met the German sailors.

A team of German ship in mourning silence.

Carried on a stretcher seriously wounded.

In the hospital caring for the wounded the nurses were nuns.

Doctors examine the foot of a sailor.

"Altmark" raise the Nazi flag.

The funeral of the sailors killed in the presence of the Norwegian members of the funeral Committee.

Close-UPS German sailors honor guard.

A moment of silence.

The laying of wreaths from the Royal Norwegian Navy, wreath from Hitler.

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Reel №2

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The fighting in France.

Moving forward German patrol.

It goes through a barbed wire fence.

Watch coming to the village of Forbach, the pointer is visible to tourists on the street.

German soldiers make their way through the streets of the city.

Pointer: Forbach, Saint Avolo.

Soldiers firing machine guns and rifles.

The movement to the trenches of the Western shaft of the German soldiers, they climb into the dugout.

The build-up of military air power of Germany.

Multischema, map of Germany with borders of 1935.

Near its borders in neighboring countries are shown, numerous air bases, threatening Germany.

Personnel chronicle of those years: the beginning of the revival of aviation.

Hitler and Goering at a military airfield, they bypass the soldiers, watching the planes.

Contemporary footage Chronicles: in the service of defense - a powerful floodlights aimed at the sky.

The headquarters of the air base, equipment.

Long-range weapons.

The takeoff of military aircraft, performing in the sky aerobatics.

Planes of different designs in the air parade.

Demonstration of the naval power of Germany.

The view of the German cruiser in the Harbor, the icebreaker in the campaign, he split the ice.

Naval guns ready for battle.

Cruiser at sea in a storm.

The observer sees a ship on the horizon.

The alarm command takes place.

The work of the gunners, charging the guns, shooting.

Key words

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